How do you plant a rattan planter?

  1. Cut away the excess plastic liner.
  2. Fill the container with moist potting soil.
  3. Plant it with your favorite plants.

How do you use a rattan planter?

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How do you water a wicker basket plant?

Plants of any size need proper drainage and periodic watering. This means you need to make sure that the pot you place into the basket has proper drainage, and that a saucer to collect excess water has been placed inside the basket in order to avoid water spills of any kind.

How do you water indoor plant baskets?

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Do wicker baskets make good planters?

Wicker baskets look great anytime and make great containers for growing plants … when you know how to prepare them. But the sad fact is that, in contact with moist soil, inevitable when you grow plants, the wicker won’t last very long. It tends to weaken and rot away after just a few uses.

How do you grow succulents in a wicker basket?

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How do you plant a wicker planter?

Place the flowers into the soil so that the root ball will fall about 1-inch beneath the rim of your wicker basket. Fill in around the flower with potting soil, up to 1-inch beneath the rim of the planter. This 1-inch space will allow for watering.

How long do rattan planters last?

How long your rattan garden furniture will last is dependent on where you keep it in the summer and winter months, and how well you look after it. The beauty of rattan furniture is that it doesn’t require too much looking after, so with minimal effort, you could be enjoying your furniture for twenty-plus years.

How do you line a wicker basket with plastic?

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How do I protect my outdoor wicker baskets?

How to weatherproof wicker furniture: Give your piece two coats of the paint of your choice, then top it with a layer of spray marine varnish, such as @minwax Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane (from $10; Amazon).

How do you line a woven basket for planting?

Plastic makes a good lining for planting in old baskets. You may be able to find a ready-made plastic liner at a garden center or simply line the basket with a plastic garbage bag. Use a glue gun to secure the edges. Be sure to cut a few slits in the plastic so excess water can drain.


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