How do you put a bead on an earring?

How To Bead Earrings

How do you put beads on a hoop earring?

Beaded Hoop Earrings (Jewelry Making) Off the Beaded Path

How do you secure a loop earring after putting beads on?

How to Make a Pair of Earrings with Beading Hoop Earring Findings

How do you string an earring?

How to Make Easy Drop Earrings | Jewelry 101

How do you use seed beads for earrings?

10 Ways to Use Seed Beads! EASY Jewelry to make this Summer!

How do you end an earring?

Jewelry Basics: Finishing Earrings

How do you use earring connectors?

Earring Findings – Make Your Own Ear Wires – Jewellery Making Tutorial

How do you make earrings with beads and charms?

Little Beaded Charm Earrings

How do you turn an earring into a pendant?

1) Using your pliers, detach the bead or gemstones from the chain and leave the jump ring open. 2) If your bead needs a flat-head pin through the middle, push it through. 3) Using your pliers, loop the jump ring or flat-head pin around the earring fish hook and clamp completely closed.


How to Make Simple Wire Wrapped Beaded Earrings

How To Make Beaded Earrings With The Bead Place

How To Bead Earrings

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