How Do You Spell Gardener?

Correct spelling for gardener.

Where does the last name Gardner come from?

Gardner is a surname of English, Scottish or Irish origin. Some sources say it is an occupational surname that comes from the word “gardener”.

What is the definition given by Garner?

Definition of garner

transitive verb. 1a : to gather into storage. b : to deposit as if in a granary volumes in which he has garnered the fruits of his lifetime labors— Reinhold Niebuhr. 2a : to acquire by effort : earn garnered much praise for his fundraising. b : accumulate, collect.

Is Gardner a first name?

Gardner as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Gardner), is pronounced GARD-ner. It is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Gardner is “keeper of the garden”.

Is gardener a German name?

The Germans began using hereditary surnames in the 12th century. Gardner is an occupational name, which was derived from the kind of work done by the original bearer. It is a name for a family whose profession was gardening. The surname Gardner is derived from the German noun “gartner,” which means “gardener.”

Is Gardiner an Irish name?

Gardiner is an English surname.

What does Gartner mean in German?

German (also Gärtner), Slovenian, Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a gardener or vintner, from an agent derivative of Middle High German garte ‘enclosure’, ‘garden’.

How do you use Garner?

  1. The teacher allowed us to put up posters to garner interest in our club fundraiser.
  2. Sadly, Jim Waters could not garner enough votes to carry the election.
  3. The actor hopes to garner interest in his film by promoting it on several talk shows.

How do you use ignominy in a sentence?

How to use ignominy in a sentence. Her cousin had only forced a solemn promise from her with the intention of covering her own ignominy. He had to hold himself from the ignominy of flight; he rose to cut his way out, making an effort to strike with precision.

What part of speech is the word ignominy?

Ignominy is a noun meaning great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment, or a situation or event that causes this.

What does the word hallow mean in relation to Halloween?

To hallow is to bless, consecrate, or render holy by means of religious rites, especially significant religious places or the relics of saints. As a noun, hallow means “saint.” The word for our popular holiday Halloween is a shortened form of “All Hallows’ Eve,” or “All Saints’ Eve,” which precedes All Saints’ Day.

What a heretic means?

Definition of heretic

1 religion : a person who differs in opinion from established religious dogma (see dogma sense 2) especially : a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church who refuses to acknowledge or accept a revealed truth The church regards them as heretics.

How do you use idiosyncrasy in a sentence?

Examples of idiosyncrasy in a Sentence

Her habit of using “like” in every sentence was just one of her idiosyncrasies. The current system has a few idiosyncracies.

What is horticulturist job description?

The job includes fertilizing, planting, watering, pruning and transplanting plants as well as diagnosing and treating plant diseases. Horticultural Supervisor: He/she is responsible for overseeing the cultivation and planting of different types of crops, plants, shrubs, and turf.

What does Mali mean in Thai?

Mali means “brave” and “diligent” (from Amalia) and “flower” or “jasmine flower” in Thai.

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