How do you stand out at a dance convention?

  1. Dress to Flatter.
  2. Physically Perform, Mentally Engage.
  3. Be Prepared.
  4. Remove Yourself from Distraction.
  5. Focus.
  6. Be Respectful & Kind.
  7. Push Yourself Beyond Familiarity.
  8. Thank Your Instructors.

How do you get noticed at a convention?

  1. Take from as many teachers as you can.
  2. Do not do cartwheels in the back of the room.
  3. Do not practice other faculty member’s choreography in another class.
  4. Ask intelligent questions.
  5. When other dancers are dancing, do your best to stay out of the way.

How do you prepare for a dance convention?

  1. Plan Your Calendar Accordingly. When you know the date for the competition you can plan other activities accordingly.
  2. Practice.
  3. Create a Personal Dance Competition Survival Kit.
  4. Remain Focused on Your Goals.
  5. Stay Healthy.
  6. Drink Water.
  7. Check Your Costume.
  8. Stay Calm and Have Fun.

What should you do before a dance competition?

  • Finalize any necessary paperwork.
  • Ensure that your team is in the right category.
  • Check in with any chaperones and teachers.
  • Triple-check transportation arrangements.
  • Look into parking at the venue.
  • Make extra copies of your music.

How do you mentally prepare for a dance competition?

  1. Maintaining a Positive Attitude. Having a positive mindset doesn’t mean that positive things will happen, however, a key to succeeding in dance is to keep “mind over matter”.
  2. The Right Food.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect.
  4. Pep Talk.
  5. Finding Focus.

What happens at dance conventions?

A dance convention is typically a group of workshop classes that are taught by one or multiple teachers over a number of days. These workshops can be very specialized (such as an advanced ballet convention,) or be a mix of many dance styles and skill levels.

What should you not do in an audition?

  • Don’t be overly aggressive.
  • Don’t enter/exit the room awkwardly.
  • Don’t forget your umbrella.
  • Don’t get in over your head at a dance call.
  • Don’t try to audition for characters outside your range.
  • Don’t ignore direction when given.
  • Don’t be TOO enthusiastic.

How do you gain confidence in dance?

  1. Practice and more practice! The more work you put into your dancing, the more practice you have, the better you will become.
  2. Work on the fundamentals at all times.
  3. Be yourself, different is good.
  4. Act confident until you feel it.
  5. Don’t stress mistakes.

Is it OK to wear black to an audition?

The basic rules are what not to wear to an audition. No solid black, solid white, or solid red clothing. No costumes unless specifically asked to wear one. Do not show up in a police officer’s uniform unless you’re requested to.

How do you nail a dance call?

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