How do you start a pastel painting?

  1. Pick your pastels. Use specific pastels for different techniques.
  2. Layering and smudging with pastels.
  3. Select a pastel paper.
  4. Experiment with soft and hard pastels.
  5. Test drive pencils and oils.
  6. Create washes with water-soluble pastels.

How do you start a pastel?

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Is often used as a starting point for a pastel painting?

Should you start a pastel with the background and if so should you fix it, or start with the foreground? The tradition in most painting techniques, including pastel, recommends beginning with the background.

How do you do underpainting for pastels?

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What is feathering with pastels?

Feathering is a technique for applying pastels in which the material is added in a linear fashion. The lines that are created may follow the cross contours of the subject, adding to the illusion of form – but they don’t have to. Feathered lines may overlap, cross over each other, or be wide.

Do you need to fix soft pastels?

Soft Pastel on paper may require a fixative, because there’s hardly any texture on the pastel papers to hold the dry media when mainly using soft pastel – pigment with hardly any binder.

How do you paint a soft pastel landscape?

  1. Pick the right pastels. You need rich, pure pastels to create depth in your landscape.
  2. Create a tonal sketch.
  3. Test your colour choices.
  4. Start in the distance.
  5. Create atmosphere.
  6. Move to the mid-ground.
  7. Introduce the foreground darks.
  8. Create intensity.


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