How do you submit art on DeviantART mobile?

You can begin the submission process from any page by hovering over the “Submit” button in the header. Select “Deviation” to go to the submissions page. You can also go here to submit visual art. If you’re in your, you can submit using the “Submit to DeviantArt” button on any Sta.

Can you post on DeviantArt mobile?

OK, first get your files (artworks) and then go to your settings. Find Apps & Uploads and tick on “Let Me Upload with Email”. Then “DeviantART” had made you a email, so, copy the email and sent you photos to it and open to your phone’s web browser and go to and start making your title and that stuff.

How do I upload images on DeviantArt?

  1. Just click on the Submit option at the top right corner on almost any page on DeviantArt and select the option Deviation.
  2. On the submit page, drag and drop the file or click on Choose a file to upload to submit the file to as Deviation.

Where can I upload my artwork?

  • DeviantArt. Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest online social network and platform for artists and art enthusiasts to exhibit, promote, and share their works.
  • CGSociety.
  • Pinterest.
  • Behance.
  • Instagram.
  • Tumblr.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.

How do you edit posts on DeviantArt mobile?

From the Profile page or Posts page: – Click the “” to pull up a menu. Click “Edit.” You’ll be able to edit your cover image, text, make this entry a featured post! Be sure to click “Update” before you close out!

Can you use DeviantArt for free?

Although a basic membership is free, deviants with paid subscriptions can browse the site ad-free.

Is DeviantArt an app?

The website rebranded as DeviantArt, unveiled a new logo and brand color, and announced the release of an official mobile app for Android and iOS. All was pretty well-received, except for its mobile app. At the time of writing, it has a rating of 2.6 out of five on the App Store and 3.2 out of five on Google Play.

How do you make DeviantArt?

  1. Click “Join” in the top right corner of
  2. Pick out your (super awesome) username and fill out the rest of the form.
  3. Be sure to read the Terms of Service and Etiquette Policy and click the box to agree.
  4. Click “Join” and begin your creative journey!

How do I find my DeviantArt gallery?

Galleries are in the bar located at the top of the Gallery page! Hover over “Gallery” and click the “Edit” button to: Create new galleries.

How do you submit art to a group on DeviantArt app?

  1. Click the “Add to Group” button beneath the deviation.
  2. Choose a group to add it to from the menu.
  3. You can pick whether you’d like to submit it to the group or to the group’s favorites, and what folder to submit it to!
  4. To remove it, just click the folder you submitted it to a second time.

How do I get my art noticed on DeviantArt?

  1. Submit art regularly. Try to find a balance between quality and quantity.
  2. Improve.
  3. Present yourself professionally.
  4. Go to the Forum.
  5. Perhaps the most important of all: browse art and comment on it.

How do I search for groups on DeviantArt mobile?

GROUPS COME TO THE MOBILE APP – With the new sidebar, you’ll find the groups you’re in under the “My Groups” section and recommended groups to join directly below. When you visit a group, you’ll see both deviations and posts. Admins of the group are able to publish updates to the group directly from the posts feed.

How do you access STA SH on DeviantArt mobile?

Visit the URL in your browser to be taken to the main page. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted via our official remote authentication procedure. Sign in using your normal username/email and password, and you will see your page.

Is STA sh private?

Once you’ve uploaded something to, it will have a special URL. This URL is known only to you and can be shared with others before officially publishing the work to your public DeviantArt gallery.

How do I create a sta sh file?

These browsers also support drag and drop for one or more files; open in one window, open your folder with the file(s) in another, and drag the file(s) from the folder to For literature, there’s Writer (“Write to”).

Why is DeviantArt not working?

If you are experiencing issues with the official mobile app, first make sure you have a secure Internet connection. If you are using a mobile data network, try connecting through a stable, fast WiFi network instead. Then try logging out of your account and then logging back in.

How do I edit my description on deviantart?

Editing the About Page – You can find your About page by clicking the “About” icon while on your Profile page. While on your About Page: You can use the arrows to rearrange your sections by moving them up or down. Click the pencil “Edit” icon to customize individual sections where available.

How do I access stash in Eclipse deviantart?

Click on your user icon on the upper right hand side of your screen to view the dropdown menu and choose from the list.

How do you edit your literature on deviantart?

Locate the pencil icon on the deviation you want to edit and click! You’ll be redirected to the submission page for the deviation, so you can make your changes.

How do you make a collection on DeviantArt mobile?

  1. Open your Favourites page.
  2. Hover over the “Collections” section.
  3. Click the edit pencil icon.

How do you add tags on DeviantArt app?

Adding tags to your work during submission is easy! Type words in the field to add them or type the first few letters to let tags populate to choose from. These words will appear as links below Title and Artist’s username, and above the deviation’s description.


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