How do you tell if you have a real Norman Rockwell painting?

His paintings have been reproduced in many different forms, including mass produced open editions, as well as limited edition prints personally signed and numbered. If you believe you have a signed Norman Rockwell, the only way to access an accurate value is to have the piece inspected by a licensed appraiser.

Is Norman Rockwell paintings worth anything?

Major Norman Rockwell works routinely can sell for tens of millions of dollars, while even his lesser-known paintings sell routinely for six figures. The most ever paid for a Norman Rockwell painting at auction is $46,085,000 for the piece.

What medium did Norman Rockwell paint?

His medium, when he used one, consisted of rectified turpentine and Grumbacher’s Oil Medium #2. Another source from the same time period says Rockwell used Shiva paints, with which he employed the following palette: ALIZARIN CRIMSON. CADMIUM RED DEEP.

Was Norman Rockwell a good painter?

Norman Rockwell possessed a distinct ability to create works of art that evoke a strong emotional response. Many of the emotions drawn from the viewer are memories of formative events from their own lives, nostalgia toward a time long gone, or a feeling of Americans collectively united through war-time patriotism.

What are Grace paintings worth?

Norman Rockwell’s 1951 painting Saying Grace sold for $46 million Wednesday — a record for the artist. Three Norman Rockwell paintings sold for a combined total of nearly $58 million at a Sotheby’s auction Wednesday.

Where is Norman Rockwell’s studio?

Norman Rockwell’s Studio at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Prominently on display is one of Rockwell’s most famous paintings, Golden Rule.

What is Norman Rockwell painting style?

A prolific and talented commercial illustrator, Rockwell was probably America’s most popular artist in the middle of the 20th century, painting over 300 covers for the weekly Saturday Evening Post. His style was an exaggerated realism–real-looking people and situations but with a hint of caricature.

Is Norman Rockwell considered an artist?

Norman Rockwell, among the most renowned American artists of the 20th century, was sometimes regarded as a simple illustrator, his work being connected with Saturday Evening Post covers.

What was Norman Rockwell’s first painting?

In 1916, the 22-year-old Rockwell painted his first cover for The Saturday Evening Post, the magazine considered by Rockwell to be the “greatest show window in America.” Over the next 47 years, another 321 Rockwell covers would appear on the cover of the Post.

What was Norman Rockwell worth when he died?

Net Worth:$26 Million
Date of Birth:Feb 3, 1894 – Nov 8, 1978 (84 years old)
Place of Birth:New York City, New York, U.S.

Who was Norman Rockwell’s wife?

How many covers did Norman Rockwell do for the Saturday Evening Post?

Norman Rockwell’s 323 Saturday Evening Post Covers – Norman Rockwell Museum – The Home for American Illustration.


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