How does steezy studio work?

How STEEZY Studio Works | What is STEEZY? | STEEZY.CO

Is STEEZY studio good for beginners?

Yes, STEEZY is not only legit, but it’s perfect for beginners. Anyone looking for comprehensive dance instruction that’s easy to use, allows you to go at your own pace, and features a variety of different dance styles will absolutely love and benefit from STEEZY.

Does STEEZY teach you how do you dance?

STEEZY Studio has a class player that was BUILT FOR learning dance. YouTube dance videos are meant to be watched. Even the dance tutorials are not shot nor produced in a way that lets you learn how to dance. STEEZY Studio’s class player was designed by dancers, for dancers.

Do you have to pay for STEEZY studio?

The basics: Cost and equipment – You can access their five-week, 25-class program for $20 per month or $99.99 for the year, which shakes out to around $8 monthly. This cost includes access to the entire Steezy platform, which you can access by logging onto the site or through the app.

How much do you have to pay for STEEZY?

Currently, Steezy offers a seven-day free trial, after which plans are offered on a monthly or annual basis at $19.99/month or $99.99/year respectively.


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