How does Van Gogh use color and brushstrokes in Wheatfield with Cypresses?

Vincent van Gogh is notorious for his dynamic and energetic brushstrokes. He paints with various sizes and thicknesses of strokes in order to better render his forms. He uses line to create short gestured strokes and repeats this technique all throughout his pieces.

How does Van Gogh use color and brushstrokes?

Van Gogh is well known for his brushstokes of thickly laid-on paint. This technique is called Impasto. An artist lays a thick layer of paint on canvas, brushstrokes get more noticeable, adding a special texture to the painting. Vincent liked to use a thick, undiluted flat color with a brush or a palette knife.

How did Van Gogh used colors?

Van Gogh’s use of colors – Van Gogh never used real colors. On the contrary, he used colors that could affect the audience’s emotions. He first used dark colors such as olive green, raw sienna and raw umber. Then he added bright colors to the color palette of his paintings.

Why does Van Gogh use blue?

Why Van Gogh used such amount of blue? Not only to paint the own color of the objects themselves, but also to express his emotion. Blue represents a depressing atmosphere that Van Gogh felt. Here, seven images of Starry Night were magnified to see how Van Gogh did his exclusive color scheme.

Why did Van Gogh create Wheatfield with Cypresses?

Van Gogh created several paintings of wheat fields with cypresses when he was able to leave the asylum and explore the landscape. This painting manifests the psychological tension that can be found in some of his other pictures during this period.

When did Van Gogh paint Wheatfield with Cypresses?

Full titleA Wheatfield, with Cypresses
Date made1889
Medium and supportOil on canvas
Dimensions72.1 × 90.9 cm
Acquisition creditBought, Courtauld Fund, 1923

What is the characteristics of Wheatfield with Cypresses?

Wheat Field with Cypresses 1889 – Distinctive for their rich impasto, his exuberant on-the-spot studies include the Met’s close-up vertical view of cypresses (49.30) and this majestic horizontal composition, which he illustrated in reed-pen drawings sent to his brother on July 2.

Where was Wheatfield with Crows painted?

The spot where Van Gogh painted Wheatfield with Crows was probably just a few hundred metres to the north of the church, by a small track known as Sente du Montier.


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