How Heavy Are Horse Rugs?

Mediumweight rugs are either 150g, 200g or 250g and will provide your horse with a nice level of warmth. Medium rugs contain a good amount of fill to keep your horse warm, while not being too heavy to cause any overheating. Heavyweight rugs are 300g + and are the best way of providing your horse with optimum warmth.

How heavy is a medium weight horse rug?

200G – 250G – “medium weight” rugs generally contain around 200 grams of fill and offer a greater amount of warmth when the weather drops colder.

Is 100g horse rug lightweight?

The most common rug weights are lightweight, medium weight and heavyweight. Lightweight rugs (less than 100g) usually have very little fill and are designed for the wet summer month to help keep your horse dry and they are also useful for the Summer to Autumn transition.

How much does a heavyweight rug weigh?

TemperatureNot Clipped/Hot HorseClipped/Cool Soul
Below 5 degrees<Heavy weight = 300-400 gramsHeavy weight = 300-400 grams + under blanket liner

What temperature should you rug a horse?

10 to 15 degreesStable Sheet or Lightweight stable rug
5 to 10 degreesMediumweight Stable Rug
Zero to 4 degreesHeavyweight Stable Rug
-10 to zero degreesHeavy Weight Stable Rug with Neck Cover

Can you put a dry rug on a wet horse?

If your horse is wet use a wicking rug until it is dry. If you apply a night rug to a wet horse and leave it, the rug will absorb the moister and hold it close to the horse’s body for many hours. Over-rugging can affect this natural thermoregulation and can also become a welfare issue is the horse over heats.

Is a turnout rug waterproof?

A dry horse will be a warmer one, so it goes without saying that a turnout rug should be waterproof. Although a high denier count does not indicate a rug’s waterproof qualities, a tightly woven fabric does tend to repel water (and wind) more efficiently.

What does the G mean in horse rugs?

The gram or weight measurement of poly filled rugs such as the Caribu Alpine turnout rug range, refers to the weight of the poly fill per square meter, but serves a different function to the weight of fabric.

What does a fleece rug do?

Fleece rugs are extremely versatile and can be used in many situations and on a number of occasions. They are often used as light rugs for the stable, or as a substitute for cooler rugs.

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