How is cariñosa danced?

In terms of technique, this dance basically involves the performers i.e. male and female flirting with each other by using ‘hide and seek’ feet movements. In addition, the female performer usually holds a fan or a handkerchief during a performance.

How is cariñosa performed?

Carinosa Steps – The basic footwork is similar to the steps used in a waltz: You move around the floor by stepping to the side with your left foot, then moving your right foot next to your left. You finish off this series of three movements by tapping your left foot on the floor.

Why do they perform the dance cariñosa?

Representing the courting phase of a romantic relationship, the cariñosa (which means “affectionate one”) is a Filipino folk dance that emerges from Panay, the Visayas and the Bicol region.

How many figures or steps does the cariñosa dance have?

The eight figures of Cariñosa dance are three steps and point, pointing, back-to-back, hide- and-seek with fan, kneeling and fanning, hide-and-seek handkerchief, flirting with handkerchief and flirting.

What is the meter of cariñosa?

It is 3/4 in rhythm like some of the Spanish dances.

What is the music of Carinosa folk dance?

Cariñosa, the national dance of the Philippines, is a romantic, flirtatious folk dance set to a waltz-like 3/4 rhythm. A couple expresses their feelings for each other with coy moves, including playing hide-and-seek behind a handkerchief or a fan. Cariñosa is known throughout the Philippines.

What is the tempo of the folk dance Tinikling?

Leaping, hopping, skipping are prevalent movements in Tinikling. In other countries, a 4/4 tempo is used but in the Philippines we sustain the use of the ¾ tempo. There is a need to explain fully the variation to avoid confusion. Both feet of dancers are inside the poles.


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Carinosa Dance Step

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