How many books are in the Scarpetta series?

There are 26 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

What is the last book in the Kay Scarpetta series?

First edition
AuthorPatricia Cornwell
Preceded byBlack Notice
Followed byBlow Fly

What happens to Jean Baptiste Chandonne?

The mutant madman Jean-Baptiste Chandonne, who tried to kill Scarpetta in her own home, is on death row in Texas, and Scarpetta, no longer Virginia’s chief medical examiner, has moved to Florida and is working as a private forensics consultant.

What happened to Lucy’s partner in Scarpetta?

One of the most interesting sub-plots is Scarpetta’s niece Lucy’s attempt to come to terms with the loss of her partner and their son to Covid by interacting with an advanced avatar of the dead woman.

Is Patricia Cornwell writing any more Scarpetta books?

Patricia Cornwell moves back to Little, Brown for 26th Scarpetta novel. Patricia Cornwell is moving from HarperCollins to Little, Brown with her new Kay Scarpetta thriller Livid, which will be published in October 2022.

Is there a Scarpetta movie?

Jolie will play Dr. Kay Scarpetta in crime writer Patricia Cornwell’s upcoming movie “Red Mist.” Best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell confirmed to Metro that actress Angelina Jolie will play Dr. Kay Scarpetta in FOX’s film adaptation of “Red Mist.”

Why did Patricia Cornwell stop writing?

The truth is I kind of quit back then, and I decided I’m going to do film and TV. I had written the better part of 40 books ever since I was like 21 years old and I just thought, ‘I’ll do something else that’s not hanging over my head. ‘ …

How much is Patricia Cornwell worth?

The New York-based firm had controlled Cornwell’s business affairs and investments, including check-writing, for more than four years when she discovered in July 2009 that her net worth was less than $10 million, despite having earned an amount in the high eight figures during that period, according to court records.

Who plays Kay Scarpetta?

Jamie Lee Curtis’ production banner Comet Pictures and Blumhouse Television are developing a one-hour series based on Patricia Cornwell‘s Kay Scarpetta character, a forensic pathologist at the center of 24 crime thrillers, with Cornwell, Curtis, Jason Blum, Blumhouse Television president Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold

Do the Scarpetta novels need to be read in order?

There are currently 24 Kay Scarpetta novels, and each one focuses on a different mystery, so they can all be read as standalones.


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