How many books are there for Phantom of the Opera?

Is Phantom of the Opera book a series?

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Is Phantom of the Opera true story?

The musical was inspired by a real-life tragedy that took place in a Paris theatre, leaving one person dead. The incident happened at one of Paris’ opera houses, Palais Garnier, in May 1986, during a performance of the opera Helle.

How old is Christine in Phantom of the Opera?

At the end of the film, Christine’s gravestone gives her date of birth as 1854. The main story takes place in 1870, which means Christine is 16 during the events at the Opera House. Emmy Rossum, the actress who played her, was 16 when filming started.

Is there a sequel to Phantom of the Opera?

In case you were unaware, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash-hit musical The Phantom of the Opera has a sequel. Love Never Dies, set ten years after the events of Phantom and located in 1907 Coney Island, made its West End debut in 2010, where it received, to put it kindly, mixed reviews.

Who is your Phantom of the Opera boyfriend?

Six Moments That Prove Raoul From Phantom of the Opera Is the Ultimate Boyfriend. At the center of the iconic musical Phantom of the Opera is a love triangle between opera singer Christine Daae, the mad genius Phantom that lives in the opera house and Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny.

What is The Phantom of the Opera’s name?

Erik (also known as The Phantom of the Opera, commonly referred to as The Phantom) is the title character from Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, best known to English speakers as The Phantom of the Opera.

What happens to the Phantom at the end?

The Phantom decided that the happiness of Christine lies with Raoul and not with him. In an act of love, he lets her go. The ending scene shows how even after years, the Phantom still remembers Christine and loves her.

Who is telling the story in Phantom of the Opera?

Narration. The Phantom of the Opera is told from the point of view of a narrator whose name is never given, who is examining the events of the novel thirty years after the fact.

Why is Phantom of the Opera not an Opera?

It’s written by a classical composer, sung by many opera singers, and is usually sung in head voice. That does not mean it is opera. It is a wonderful piece of classical music. It is not opera.

Was Phantom of the Opera a book first?

The Phantom of the Opera
TitleThe Phantom of the Opera
AuthorGaston Leroux

Is The Phantom of the Opera movie like the book?

The Phantom of the Opera Book vs Movie – YouTube

Are there different versions of Phantom of the Opera?

Phantom of the Opera (1976/1984): Musical by Ken Hill, with lyrics set to music by Gounod, Offenbach, Verdi, and others. Phantom of the Opera: A New Victorian Thriller (1979) by Gene Traylor. The Phantom of the Opera: Or the Passage of Christine (1986) with book by Kathleen Masterson and music by David Bishop.

Which edition of Phantom of the Opera is the best?

  1. 1 The Phantom Of The Opera (1925)
  2. 2 The Phantom Of The Paradise (1974)
  3. 3 The Phantom Of The Opera (2004)
  4. 4 The Phantom Of The Opera (1962)
  5. 5 The Phantom Of The Opera (1943)
  6. 6 Song At Midnight (1935)
  7. 7 The Phantom Of The Opera (1989)
  8. 8 The Phantom Of The Opera (1998)

Which version of The Phantom of the Opera is the best?

1) The Phantom of the Opera (1925) – Average Score: 90 – While The Phantom is known for his mask, the most iconic image of the character in cinema is of his unmasked face in this film. Chaney himself applied the make-up and prosthetics, which were ahead of their time, and it paid off greatly.

Who is considered the best Phantom of the Opera?

Michael Crawford – Crawford reprised his role on Broadway in 1988, winning a Tony Award for his performance. In 1991, 1,300 performances and three and a half years later, Michael Crawford left The Phantom of the Opera. He will always be known by fans of the musical as the original and best Phantom.

Does Christine have a child with the Phantom?

After the events of Phantom of the Opera, Christine married Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny and gave birth to a son Gustave.

Is the Phantom Christine’s father?

So it’s even more unfair that in her dying moments, Webber decides to have Gustave abandon Christine upon hearing that the Phantom is his father. So Christine is unable to see the one positive element in her life before she dies.

Is Meg Giry the Phantom’s daughter?

Meg Giry is one of the fictional characters from Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the story she is Madame Giry’s only daughter.

Is there a difference between Phantom and Phantom of the Opera?

Nope. “Phantom,” now playing at the Gateway Playhouse in Bellport, is not “The Phantom of the Opera,” Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version of the same story set in the Paris opera house. Both are based on a French novel by Gaston Leroux that started life in 1909 as a newspaper serialization. It is no pale imitation.

Did Christine love the Phantom?

Christine Daae is the love interest of the titular protagonist Erik (the Phantom) and also Raoul in every adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. In the sequel Love Never Dies she is Raoul’s wife while secretly being Erik’s lover and having with him a son named Gustave.

Is The Phantom of the Opera book worth reading?

It is a story about romance, obsession, suspense and mystery. The book was extremely interesting and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of classic literature or the Broadway musical. The story does go more into depth in Christine’s childhood and the phantom’s backstory.

Is the phantom of the opera difficult to read?

Unlike most classics this book is easy to read. Many questions surround the infamous and mysterious Phantom Of The Opera, who is he and what is he?

Is the phantom of the opera an easy read?

The answer is a simple one – because it is a fantastic book. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical is only based on the book so expect lots (and I mean lots) of differences to the show. Phantom is easy to read and difficult to put down.

Why is the Phantom of the Opera good?

It may seem obvious when we say that The Phantom of the Opera’s score is one of the best on Broadway, but it’s the truth. Grand, full of opulent melodies and not forgetting Christine’s range, Phantom’s score draws you into the mystical and plush world of the Paris Opera and its spooky inhabitant.

Did Gaston Leroux believe in the phantom of the opera?

Gaston Leroux was inspired to write Phantom of the Opera after Palais Garnier accident. WHEN a counterweight crashed through the roof of a Paris opera house, Gaston Leroux stored the story away to help create the Phantom of the Opera.

Who sent Christine to the opera and why?

When Christine arrived at the Opéra Garnier, she was described as “sounding like a rusty hinge”, but one person found the beauty hidden in her voice. When Erik, the Phantom of the Opera began to tutor her, he told her that he was the “Angel of Music” of whom her father had spoken.

Is Phantom of the Opera a classic?

The Phantom of the Opera is considered to be one of the oldest classic movie monsters – and one of the creepiest. Born in a French novel, put into two silent films and a popular Broadway musical, the Phantom has made an impact on the horror world. French author Gaston Leroux wrote Le Fantôme de l’Opéra.

What happens in Phantom of the Opera Book?

Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel, The Phantom of the Opera, follows a narrator’s investigation into the actions and identity of the mysterious Phantom of the Opera. In the 1880s, strange events have been unfolding at the Paris Opera House, convincing people that the Opera must be haunted.

When was Phantom of the Opera musical written?

Richard Stilgoe, he then composed The Phantom of the Opera (1986; filmed 2004), a hugely popular musical version of Gaston Leroux’s melodramatic novel. Two years after winning the Olivier for best musical, the show opened on Broadway and won best musical at the Tony Awards. In 2006 it surpassed Cats…


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