How many copies of The Guest List have been sold?

1 Sunday Times bestselling author of The Hunting Party and The Guest List, with two and a half million copies sold worldwide.

Has the guest list been made into a movie?

Both The Hunting Party and The Guest List are being adapted for the screen, with a screenplay – and a lead actress – in the works for The Hunting Party’s adaptation. “[The Guest List] adaptation is a long way down the road, they’re doing The Hunting Party first – it’s really exciting.

Who was murdered in the book The Guest List?

Who was the killer in the Guest List? The killer was Aiofe, the wedding planner. She was the sister of Darcey “Loner” Malone, the boy Will and Johnno pranked. After Loner drowned, he was (supposedly) buried on the island.

Which Lucy Foley book should I read first?

While not Lucy’s first book, The Hunting Party is her first thriller novel. Her three previous historical novels include The Invitation, The Book of Lost and Found, and Last Letter from Istanbul.

Is the island in the guest list real?

The spot in question is a fictional island off Connemara in the West Coast of Ireland — Inis an Amplóra, or Cormorant Isle.

Who did Aoife walk in on in the guest list?

The two couples having a hot affair that Aoife walked in on, was actually Will & Jules, just prior to their wedding ceremony. Colleen Definitely not Hannah and Luis. She was too classy (maybe the only one there that was classy) to do something like that. Her marriage was important to her and what it represents.

What is the conflict in the guest list?

Some of the conflicts I wish were better explored include Julie’s relationship with her sometimes absent, but very influential father, Olivia and Julie’s slowly changing sisterly bond, Charlie’s anger issues when he drinks.

Who is Alice in The Guest List?

AliceHannah’s sister, deceased suicide victim
KarenFlorist friend of Hannah’s mother, supplied flowers for Hannah & Charlie’s wedding
RoryFriend of Will, attended the pre-wedding stag party
GregWedding guest, school mate of Will & his friends

Who wrote The Guest List?

Lucy Foley

When was The Guest List published?

February 20, 2020

Who is Hannah in The Guest List?

Hannah is Charlie’s wife. (Charlie and Jules are very close, but Charlie and Will don’t like each other.) Olivia is Julia’s younger (19) half-sister.

Is The Guest List appropriate for a 13 year old?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. It’s the wedding of the year.


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