How many Harlequin authors are there?

Did you know? 122 current Harlequin authors have sold over 10 million copies internationally, and eight have hit 50 million in sales.

How much do Harlequin authors get paid?

The latest figures listed by Brenda Hiatt, who surveys romance authors in an attempt to find out what they’re earning, suggests that the average advance for a first book from Harlequin is around $3500 to $4000. Other big romance publishers include Avon/HarperCollins ($8000), Berkley/Jove ($8000) and Kensington ($3500).

What is an average advance for a romance novel?

Author Brenda Hiatt kept a survey of advances for romance books from traditional publishers through 2015. Looking at just the three most commonly reported publishers, the average advance for a first book ranged from $3,200 (Kensington/Zebra) to $7,250 (Grand Central Publishing) to $9,250 (Berkley/Jove).

How do I become a Harlequin writer?

Harlequin Series (sometimes known as “Category Romance”) and Carina Press accept unagented submissions from authors. To submit to a romance series, click on the links below. Please submit to only one series at a time, with only one submission at a time. We accept submissions in English only.

How do self-publishing romances make money?

You can make money writing romance by writing and releasing multiple novels per year, often nowadays via self-publishing, to build a reader base who will keep coming back for more. Writing a series featuring the same main character is extremely popular and is often the primary income source.

How much do successful romance authors make?

Danielle SteelRomance novelist$12 million (2018)
Nora RobertsRomance novelist$12 million (2018)
Rick RiordanChildren’s author$10.5 million (2018)
EL JamesAdult author$10.5 million (2018)

How much is it to write a book?

Authors spend an average of $2,000 to $5,000 publishing their own books. Some spend much less, while others spend upwards of $20,000. Here is how the costs of self-publishing break down: Professional editing: There are several different levels of editing your book might need.

How do I self publish a romance novel?

  1. Use a Character Profile. .
  2. Give Yourself a Daily Word Count. .
  3. Publish Regularly. .
  4. Write Series. .
  5. Select a Lucrative Genre. .
  6. Read Romance Regularly. .
  7. Appreciate the Genre.

What is the Harlequin romance formula?

Joe McAleer, a historian who has written about Harlequin, told me that Harlequin romances have traditionally followed a formula: “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl on page 56, and, by page 180, the book would end with a marriage proposal.” By the seventies, Harlequins became known for their lush language, which often .

Who wrote Harlequin romances?

Somerset Maugham and Brian Moore, all published books with Harlequin in 1950s and 1960s before it began focusing on romance publishing.

What is the Harlequin genre?

Spurred by its acquisition of Silhouette and its expansion abroad, Harlequin continued to grow. By the 1990s, it had become the world’s largest publisher of romance fiction, releasing over 60 new titles per month and selling over 165 million books per year, in 23 languages and in over 100 countries.

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