How many My Singing Monsters are there?

As of now, there are currently 304 known species of monsters to buy or breed, excluding the monsters exclusively in Dawn of Fire. Each of these creatures has distinctive voices or sounds that they use to contribute to the various songs found in the game.

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How many My Singing Monsters games are there?

There are two versions of the game; the Standard Edition, which includes all of the core components, and the Deluxe Edition, which includes nine painted Monster mini-figures, upgraded components, and exclusive expansion which features the Werdo monsters.

What is the latest version of My Singing Monsters?

  • Released July 14th, 2021.
  • Fixes issues with the Book of Monsters.

How long does it take to beat My Singing Monsters?

All PlayStyles1600h

How many games are in my singing monsters playground?

In total, there are 25 games with 15 being free-for-all, 5 being team-based, and the other 5 being 1-vs-3. Some of my favourites include avoiding a spinning pipe that rotates unpredictably in a circular arena, a toboggan race where you have to use physics to your advantage, and a Super Sprint-style racer.

How do you breed a Reebro?

It is best obtained by breeding Riff and T-Rox. By default, its breeding time is 1 day and 12 hours long.

How do you breed a Mammott?

Breeding. Being a Single Elemental, Mammott has no specific breeding combination. Instead is purchasable in the Market at Level 2. Note that any failed breeding combination containing a Mammott may come out with a Mammott, unless it is bred with another Natural Single Elemental.

How do you force quit in My Singing Monsters?

  1. Open the Game Center app and tap “Me” on the bottom bar.
  2. On the “Me” page, Tap the banner that says “Account: [your email address].”
  3. A pop-up will appear – tap “Sign Out.”
  4. On the next screen, tap the banner that says “Create New Apple ID.”

How long does it take to breed a pom pom?

PomPom is a triple-element Monster that is first unlocked on Air Island. It is best obtained by breeding two monsters that have the combined elements of Earth, Cold, and Air. By default, its breeding time is 12 hours long. As a Triple Elemental, PomPom does not have a high coin production.

What is the rarest monster in My Singing Monsters?

Rare Ghazt is a single-element Rare Ethereal Monster. It was added on April 22nd, 2016 during Version 1.4. 0, making it the first Rarethereal to be released.

How rare is it to breed a Shugabush?

Well there are no determined chances of it happening. I know the Ghazt is less then 1% to breed successfully. Yeah, I’ve been pretty lucky with Ghazt myself. I have 3 normal ones and one Rare one on my Plant Island.

Can you breed a rare Mammot?

As a Rare Monster, it is only available at select times. When available, it is best obtained by breeding two triple-element Monsters that have the Cold element, or by purchasing from the StarShop. By default, its breeding time is 6 hours long.

How do you breed a rare gob?

  1. + Blow’t and Gob. (Best choice, slight chance of getting a Blow’t.)
  2. + Potbelly and Gob. (Good choice, if Potbelly eggs can be safely disposed of to Nursery, Wublin, Celestial, or Vessel, and you can check the game frequently to retry the combination.)

How hard is it to get epic Ghazt?

The chance of getting epic ghazt is very small but torches make it a little bigger, that’s all I know. Not sure, but I was able to get 3 of them with all 10 wishing torches lit and spending about 1,000 diamonds speeding up attempts. Yeah that’s a lot, but far better than paying 2250 per monster.

What happens when you breed two Entbrats?

Like all Quad Element Monsters, Entbrats are hard to breed and these combinations may result in a parent monster as offspring instead. However, if you are fortunate enough to already possess both an Entbrat and a Rare Entbrat, the two can be bred together to create another Entbrat with a 100% success rate.

How do you breed a rare Tring?

The Rare Tring can be bred using monsters that combine to provide all the elements Air, Plant, Earth and Fire without repeating any. Of these, Barrb+Noggin and Reedling+Kayna are the best combinations, as they have the lowest average breeding times in case of breeding failure.

How do you breed Tawkerr?

Costumes. Since Tawkerr cannot be bred, the only way of obtaining its permanent costumes is by buying them.

What are the names of my singing monsters?

  • Circe.
  • Embrel.
  • Hotwing.
  • Sarika.
  • Scindra.
  • Skorch.
  • Theena.
  • Zipporah.

How many islands are there in MSM?

The Natural Islands consist of five islands in My Singing Monsters: Plant Island, Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island and Earth Island. They get their name from the Natural Breeding Class, which contains the Natural Elements: Earth, Cold, Water, Plant, and Air, and their associated Monsters.

How do you get rare Wubbox?

Just like its regular counterpart, the Rare Wubbox cannot be bred; it can only be purchased in the StarShop, not the regular Market. Fortunately, it is available at any time of the year. Currently, it can only be bought on Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, and Ethereal Islands, for 1 Starpower, almost free.

How do you breed a Dandidoo?

Description. Dandidoo is a double-element Monster that is first unlocked on Cold Island. It is best obtained by breeding Tweedle and Potbelly. By default, its breeding time is 8 hours long.

What are the Toe Jammers likes?

  • Pummel (requires level 9) ( , )
  • Furcorn (level 9) ( , )
  • Riff (level 7) ( )
  • Whaddle (level 9) ( )
  • Flowah (level 9) ( )
  • Uuduk (level 9) ( )
  • Directions to Nowhere (level 9)
  • Wild Bagpipe (level 7)

How do you make a FWOG?

The Fwog can be produced by breeding monsters with the elements of Water and Earth.

How do you breed a Drumpler?

The Drumpler can be produced by breeding monsters with the elements of Cold and Earth.

What is a Wubbox on my singing monsters?

Activation. When first placed on an island, the Wubbox is a box that does nothing until you box one of every regular monster that exists on that island. On the natural-element islands, it takes in the natural-element monsters; on Ethereal Island, it takes in Ethereals; on Wublin Island, it takes in Wublins.

How do you get all the monsters in my singing monsters?

How To Get/Breed ALL Monsters On Plant Island! | My Singing Monsters

How do you get special monsters?

How To Breed All The Rare 1 Element Monsters On Plant Island – YouTube

What are Oaktopus likes?

Likes. This amphibious hybrid of Plant and Water is comfortable in any environment. The Monster’s ‘roots’ are actually powerful tentacles that carry the Oaktopus rapidly across landscapes, and propel it efficiently through water.

How do Wublins work?

To “wake up” a Wublin, one must “Zap” unhatched Eggs into them. Each Wublin demands specific eggs, that need to be zapped before a certain amount of time passes, or else the eggs will “go bad,” the Wublin will remain inactive, and the eggs will be useless.

How do you make a fire on my singing monsters?

How to Breed All Fire MOnsters On Fire Haven Island – YouTube

How do you get diamonds in my singing monsters?

  1. Sending Monsters to the Wondermine for up to a 96% chance to get 1.
  2. Using the Diamond Extractor to extract up to 20 in exchange for 100 Coins per Diamond.
  3. Completing all nine Skyship orders on time.
  4. Earning up to 6 from the Daily Login Game.
  5. Mail rewards.

How many monsters are there in my singing monsters dawn of fire?

A total of 30 monsters have been added to the game since its initial release (not counting Celestials or Prismatics). In the original game’s description of Fire Haven, it has been told that the continent pieces separated from the fault lines reacting.

How do you get prism gate?

Using the Prism Gate – Prisments can be obtained from the Wondermine, or brought back after a monster travels to the Prism Gate.

How long does it take to breed kayna?

By default, its breeding time is 8 hours long. Although a Rare Monster, Rare Kayna still does not have high coin production.

How do you breed Krillby in Dawn of fire?

  1. + Kayna and PomPom.
  2. + Mammott and Floogull.
  3. + Noggin and Woolabee.
  4. + Tweedle and Ziggurab.
  5. + Stogg and Pango.
  6. + Drumpler and Glowl.
  7. + Cybop and Boskus.

Is Ghazt in Dawn of fire?

Description. The Ghazt is a monster in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, returning from the original game. The baby Ghazt is a small kitten-like creature with three orbs spinning around it.


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