How many paintings has Paul Cézanne paint?

The artistic career of Cézanne spanned more than forty years, from roughly 1860 to 1906. A prolific artist, he produced more than 900 oil paintings and 400 watercolours, including many incomplete works.

How many self portraits did Cézanne paint?

Cézanne painted almost 200 portraits, including 26 self-portraits and nearly 30 portraits of his wife, Hortense Fiquet, as well as portraits of his son Paul and his uncle Dominique Aubert, art dealer Ambroise Vollard, critic Gustave Geffroy, and the local men and women in his native Aix-en-Provence.

Why did Paul Cézanne paint apples?

So why did Cézanne choose the apple? One of the many reasons the artist may have used the apple for his artistic experiments was its universal status as a fruit, one which already came laden with global meaning and cultural significance.

How much is a Cézanne worth?

Paul Cézanne’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 14 USD to 59,295,000 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 1998 the record price for this artist at auction is 59,295,000 USD for Bouilloire et fruits, sold at Christie’s New York in 2019.

What painting made Paul Cézanne famous?

Paul Cézanne
Known forPainting
Notable workMont Sainte-Victoire (1885–1906) Apothéose de Delacroix (1890–1894) Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier (1893–94) The Card Players (1890–1895) The Bathers (1898–1905)
MovementImpressionism, Post-Impressionism
AwardsCézanne medal

How much did the Card Players painting sell for?

The world’s richest nation has purchased Cézanne’s The Card Players for more than $250 million, nearly doubling the previous auction record for a work of art. Vanity Fair first reported the story Thursday, confirming whispers that the record-setting transaction had taken place earlier in 2011.

How long would Van Gogh spend on a painting?

His average of one painting every 4 days is even more impressive when you realize that he also made 1100 drawings and sketches. Van Gogh also wrote 650 letters during that period. What about the time it took to choose the subjects?


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