How old is Ava in season 4 Dance Moms?

g Ava Cota
Born:April 10, 2002
Home:Fenton, Michigan

How old are the girls in Dance Moms season 4?

Start of SeasonEnd of Season
Mean Age11.57 (with Hylands, no Kalani)11. 6
11.16 (with Kalani, no Hylands)

What year was season 4 of Dance Moms?

The fourth season of Dance Moms, an American dance reality television created by Collins Avenue Productions, began airing on January 1, 2014 on Lifetime’s television network.

Was Chloe in the ALDC season 4?

Interestingly enough, Chloé left the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) before she even left Dance Moms. In the aforementioned video, the dancer revealed that she wasn’t even dancing at the ALDC when she decided to leave the show. “The beginning of season four, I got kicked out of the dance studio,” Chloé explained.

When did season 4 of Dance Moms end?

The fourth season of Dance Moms premiered January 1, 2014 on Lifetime and concluded on October 14, 2014.

Why did Kelly leave ALDC?

In the season four episode Big Trouble in the Big Apple, Kelly got into a physical altercation with Abby. This lead to the Hyland family being dismissed from the team. Kelly and her girls have expressed no interest in returning to the show.

When was Ava Foley born?

She was born in Orange County, California on December 7th 2012 as Ava Marie Foley to Ryan and Michelle Foley.

Who dated Ava Michelle?

Tall Girl star “Ava Michelle” enjoys a date night with her boyfriend Bryan Pearn. The love birds went to attend the Moonshot premier and thanked HBO Max for having them. The American actress is officially dating the 28-year old model since August 2021.


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