How old is Kira Girard Dance Moms?

How old was Kira hilliker when she had Kalani?

Kira became pregnant with Kalani in 1999 when she was 18. After turning 19 Kira gave birth to Kalani on September 23, 2000. Seven years later her middle child Jax was born on October 11, 2007.

Does Kalani hilliker have a kid?

Kira Girard, mother to Dance Moms star Kalani Hilliker, is sharing the first photos of her newborn son exclusively with ET!

Does Kira have a criminal record? has obtained exclusive court documents revealing Kalani Hilliker’s mother Kira Girard was arrested for theft and fraud schemes. Girard, then known as Kira Salazar, was indicted on four counts of felony theft and one count of attempted theft in Chandler, Arizona in October 2005.

How many kids does Kalani’s mom have?

g Kira Girard
Friends and Family
Spouse:David Newman (fiancé) Matthew Hilliker (ex-husband) Jason Girard (ex-husband)
Children:Kalani Hilliker (daughter) Jax Girard (son) Jett Newman (son) Kaliah Newman (daughter)

Does Kalani’s mom own a dance studio?

Kira gave birth to her eldest daughter Kalani at the age of 19. Her zodiac sign is a Leo. She owns a dance studio called Adage Dance Studio.

Are Kira and David still married?

Kira Hilliker was born on August 4, 1981 in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. She is an actress, known for Todrick Hall Feat. Abby Lee Dance Company: Dance (2016), Dance Moms Funniest Fights (2019) and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (2012). She has been married to David Newman since 2016.

What ethnicity is Kalani Hilliker?

Kalani Hilliker
BornKalani Brooke Hilliker September 23, 2000 Mesa, Arizona, U.S.
Years active2011–present
Parent(s)Kira Girard Hilliker (mother) Matthew Hilliker (father)

Does Maddie and Mackenzie still dance?

Maddie continues to dance but also is pursuing acting and exploring her passion for makeup. Mackenzie, on the other hand, continues to pursue music and has released a number of songs into the world as of late. We’re sure Ziegler fans are looking forward to seeing what the sisters get up to next.

Where is Kira from Dance Moms now?

Kira Girard – Kira is also the mother of two sons: Jax, born in 2007, and Jett, born in 2015. She’s engaged to Arizona real estate mogul David Newman.

Who is Mackenzie Ziegler’s dad?

Kurt Ziegler


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