How old is Kleki paint tool?

About Kleki Started in 2010, Kleki aims to be the goto tool for quickly creating fun paintings.

How good is Kleki?

Kleki is a solid, introductory, digital drawing and paint program. Because it is free and can be found online or as Chrome app, it makes it an ideal choice for teachers who want to introduce their students to digitally drawing or painting. There are tools for brushes, layers, and editing.

How do I delete Kleki?

How to use – YouTube

How do you make Kleki shapes?

Intro To Kleki – Painting a 3D Apple – High School level – YouTube

How do you paint Kleki?

Kleki Paint Tool Basics – YouTube

How do you shade with Kleki?

Digital Shading Exercises #1 – KLEKI – YouTube

How do you save on Kleki?

Saving your art in Kleki – YouTube


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