How old is Sophia Lucia now?

When was Sophia Lucia born?

Sophia Maria Lucia (born September 7, 2002) is a dancer from San Diego, California. She is the daughter of Jackie Lucia.

What season is Sophia Lucia Dance Moms?

Sophia made her first appearance on Dance Moms during the third season. She was invited to the Abby Lee Dance Company to be part of the “replacement” team, which was formed after the elite team protested against Abby.

Who plays Charlie in center stage?

Sascha Radetsky (born March 29, 1977) is a former ballet dancer and actor. He was a soloist with the American Ballet Theatre and a principal with Dutch National Ballet. He is known for having starred as Charlie in the motion picture Center Stage and as Ross in the Starz miniseries Flesh and Bone.

How old is Sophia from Dance Moms now?

Sophia Lucia was born on 7 September 2002. Sophia Lucia is 19 years old.

Where was Sophia Lucia born?


When did Sophia leave Dance Moms?

Sophia Lucia, a jazz/lyrical dancer from San Diego, California. She was invited to the ALDC to be part of the “replacement” team. After the disbandment of the replacement team, Sophia featured on the elite team for a few episodes before finally departing the show in the episode “Rotten to the Core”.

Where is Sofia Sofia dancer from?

Sofia Boutella is an Algerian actress, dancer and model. She was born in the Bab El Oued district of Algiers in Algeria, the daughter of composer and jazz musician Safy Boutella, and an architect mother. She started classical dance education when she was five years old.

Who holds the record for most consecutive pirouettes?

The record for the most consecutive pirouettes was achieved by Sophia Lucia (USA) completing 55 pirouettes at the San Diego Dance Center in Poway, California, USA on 30 March 2013.


Can Sophia Lucia still do her 55 turns?


SOPHIA LUCIA [Throwback Thursday KAR 2012] – 9 Years old!!

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