How old was Julia McKenzie when she played Miss Marple?

Julia McKenzie, who played the ditzy Hester in the 1980s sitcom Fresh Fields, is ITV’s new Miss Marple. McKenzie, 66, was most recently seen in the BBC costume drama Cranford as Mrs Forrester and the film Notes on a Scandal.

When did Julia McKenzie play Miss Marple?

Julia McKenzie played the sleuth in Agatha Christie’s Marple from 2009-2013. A prolific actress with a career that began in musicals in the 1960s, McKenzie has received numerous awards and nominations for her performances on stage and screen.

When did Geraldine McEwan stop playing Miss Marple?

Geraldine McEwan: Agatha Christie’s Marple

Geraldine took on the part of Miss Marple in 2004 and remained in the leading role until the drama’s fourth series in 2009, when fellow hailed actress Julia McKenzie took over.

Where was Marple filmed?

Marple was filmed in various locations, including London, the villages of Englefield in Berkshire, Chilham in Kent, Turville in Buckinghamshire and Blewbury in Oxfordshire. Windsor Guildhall in Windsor was featured as the fictional Melchester in Murder at the Vicarage.

Where did they film Miss Marple?

The series was filmed beginning in 1983 in areas including Norfolk, Devon, Oxfordshire and Barbados. The town of Nether Wallop in Hampshire doubled as Miss Marple’s home village of St. Mary Mead.

How many Miss Marple stories are there?

Miss Marple features in 12 novels, and 20 short stories written by Agatha Christie.

How old is Jessica Lansbury?

96 years (October 16, 1925)

How long did Julia McKenzie play Miss Marple?

Julia McKenzie (2009–2013)

Taking over from Geraldine McEwan as the lead of ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Marple series in 2009, English musical theatre star Julia McKenzie played Miss Marple for three seasons until 2013’s Endless Night.

Will they make more Miss Marple?

The new Miss Marple series is expected to premiere in 2020. The complete Miss Marple DVD collection is available on Amazon.

What age is Julie McKenzie?

81 years (February 17, 1941)

How old was thomasin McKenzie in old?

21 years (July 26, 2000)

Who Is Julia McKenzie married to?

Jerry Harte

How tall is thomasin McKenzie?

5′ 5″

Is thomasin McKenzie religious?

She isn’t just Jewish, she is a person, like the rest of us.” While McKenzie famously won her part in Leave No Trace by sending Granik a tape she recorded at home, Jojo Rabbit required auditioning in Los Angeles.

Where was thomasin McKenzie born?

Wellington, New Zealand

Who played Hester in Fresh Fields?

Julia McKenzie: Hester, Hester Fields

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What is thomasin McKenzie in?

Most well known for playing Pixie Hannah in Shortland Street, she has also starred in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies as Astrid, in Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose as Lucy Lewis, and in the webseries Bright Summer Night as Petra Quince, having the leading role in the film Leave No Trace (2018) and Jojo Rabbit (2019).

How many series of French fields are there?

French Fields
No. of series3
No. of episodes19 (list of episodes)
Running time30 minutes (including commercials)

Does Julia Mckenzie live in Torquay?

She lives locally, she and her husband occasionally buy paint from Brewers in Torquay.

Who played Sonia in Fresh Fields?

Ann Beach (7 June 1938 – 9 March 2017) was a British actress. She is perhaps best remembered for her supporting role as Sonia Barrett, the quirky next-door neighbour on the comedy Fresh Fields, starring Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers.

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