How tall is the bed of a pickup truck?

Most truck beds are between 19.1 and 21.7 inches high setting a fairly consistent standard. Cargo space varied greatly depending primarily on the bed length but ranged from 35.5 cu ft at the minimum to 89.1 cu ft in total cargo volume. The size of a pickup truck bed is dependent on the model and bed size of your truck.

How tall is a regular pickup truck?

Overall length (in.)212.4231.9
Overall width (in.)76.779.9
Height (in.)72.277.2
Track f/r (in.)65.9/65.967.6/67.6

What is the height of a Ford F 150 truck?

The height of a Ford F150 (2021 model) ranges from 75.2 – 79.8 inches. This means that these trucks are between 6′ 3.2 – 7.8″ to the top of the cabin in stock form. The shortest F150 truck is the Regular Cab (4×2 drive) and the tallest is the SuperCrew on the 4×4 Raptor Trim.

How many inches is the bed of a truck?

TruckBed TypeActual Length
150Standard Bed78.9 in. (6’6.9″)
Long Bed97.6 in. (8’1.6″)
250Short Bed81.8 in. (6’9.8″)
Standard Bed98.0 in. (8’2″)

What are the dimensions of a Toyota Tundra bed?

Toyota Tundra truck beds are 20.9 inches deep, 58.7 inches wide and 48.7 inches wide between the wheel wells. Tundra Double Cab models are available with the 6.5-foot standard bed and the 8.1-foot long bed for drivers who need more room for cargo on the backend with a maximum payload of 1,940 pounds.

How deep is a pickup box?

Both the Short and Long beds have a width of 66.4″ and a depth of 21.4″ The total storage volume is 53.9 cubic feet for the Short Bed, and 61.5 cubic feet for the Long Bed.


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