How to 3D Print Lego Train Track?

@TrixBrix LEGO Train 3D Printed Track Preview

How do you make an elevated LEGO train track?

How to Raise or Elevate LEGO Train Track

Are old LEGO train tracks compatible?

The main LEGO train systems are all roughly compatible. They all use a 6 stud gauge, so with a bit of fiddling, you can use all of the systems together. If you want to be most compatible with the current track offerings, you’re better off with 9V and RC/PF track.

What radius are LEGO train tracks?

The standard LEGO® curve track has a radius of 40 studs, commonly referred to as R40 for “Radius: 40.” The image below shows how the radius is measured in bricks, or studs. The distance from the center of the circle of track to the center of the rails is 40 studs, measured by the orange and blue 4-stud long bricks.

How do you build a Lego train bridge?

Lego City Train Bridges and Elevated Track How-to

How do you use Lego tracks?


What Colour are LEGO train tracks?

As mentioned, LEGO track is dark bluish grey. This somewhat restricts the use of this colour for ballast. However, if we can represent the ties in another colour by covering them with tiles, then this is no longer a consideration. Furthermore, real track ties are rarely dark bluish grey!

How are Lego trains powered?

It consists of a train motor, which receives power from a combination battery box and Bluetooth receiver, which receives its commands from either an included Bluetooth handheld remote, or from a control app on a Bluetooth enabled smart device.

Does LEGO make electric trains?

In 1991, the LEGO Group introduces a new 9-volt electric system for the LEGO Trains theme. This new system supplies power through the rails, replacing the 12-volt and 4.5-volt systems. The rails now come in sections that are molded in one piece.

What gauge is LEGO track?

The train system is sometimes referred to as ‘L-gauge‘ among Lego fans, in reference to traditional model railway scales. Lego trains use a nominal gauge of 37.5mm, 5.5mm wider than O gauge, derived from a centreline gauge of 40mm (five lego studs).

How many LEGO train tracks make a circle?

Set contains 16 pieces to create a full circle. A curve with R24 radius runs parallel to the original R40 LEGO® curved track with a distance of 8 studs in between tracks or parallel to R32 with a zero studs distance.

How long is a LEGO straight track?

The basics of LEGO track geometry

A straight piece (16 studs in length) A curve piece: a single curve is 22.5°; 4 of these complete a 90° curve section. The smallest 180° curve achievable requires the width of 3 baseplates (so, almost 96 studs, excluding the 4 studs allowed either side of the track).

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