How to Book an Appointment in RPO Delhi?

  1. go to
  2. Click on Existing User Login.
  3. If you unable to login , reset the password .
  4. then click on the view save submitted application.
  5. check the application for that you want to book an appointment.

Is police verification required after passport?

A: You cannot obtain a passport without police verification. But, if you apply under the Tatkaal scheme with required documents, passport can be issued on Post police verification basis (i.e. police verification would be done after the issuance of passport).

Is police verification required for reissue of passport in India?

No PV: Police Verification (PV) is not necessary in case of renewal/reissue of passport, if the passport application is submitted before expiry or within three years of expiry of the Passport, provided the system shows clear PV and nothing adverse is noticed.

Who is RPO Mumbai?

Regional Passport Officer (RPO)Dr. Rajesh Gawande
AddressVidesh Bhavan, Bandra Kurla Complex, Plot No C-45,G Block, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051

What is passport log appeal?

If there is an adverse action (like rejection/refusal of application or impounding/revocation of the passport) taken by a passport office against your passport/application, you can file an appeal by logging in the PSP portal, and then selecting ‘Log appeal’ from the home page.

How can I convert my ECR to non-ECR passport?

  1. Filled Form EAP-2.
  2. A nominal fee of Rs.
  3. Original passport.
  4. Any approved address proof (Just the ration card would not be enough)
  5. 2 attested copies of any of the eligibility criteria that explicitly state that you are eligible for an ECNR passport.

Can I travel to USA with ECR passport?

ECR is only applicable for gulf countries and not for US. You can definitely apply for a US visa with an ECR stamp. However, you might have to go through additional checking and formalities before you enter the airport and also at the immigration counter at the airport.

What is difference between ECR and non-ECR passport?

What is Non-ECR or ECNR in Indian Passport ? Non-ECR, formerly known as ECNR, means Emigration Check Not Required(ECNR). In general, if you have passed 10th class/grade (Matriculation or Higher Educational Pass Certificate) or have a higher degree then your passport falls under Non-ECR Category.

What are the documents required for non-ECR passport?

  • Filled Form EAP-2.
  • A fee of Rs. 300 in cash or through Demand Draft.
  • Original passport.
  • Address proof.
  • 2 attested copies of any of the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • 2 copies each of first 4 and last 4 pages of the passport.

How can I know my passport is ECR or ECNR?

Check your Passport: ECR passport or ECNR Passport

Step 1: Open your Passport and find the stamp. Step 2: Stamp will look like the below image. Step 3: In this, it’s clearly written Emigration Check Required. Step 4: If you found this stamp in your passport it means you are in ECR categories.

How can I check emigration check not required stamp?

(ii) In the new type of passport booklet, ‘Emigration Check Required’ is printed just above the Name of father / Legal Guardian column on the last page of the booklet. (iii) If there is no stamping or printing of ECR status on the passport booklet, then the passport is a non-ECR passport (previously ECNR). 4.

What happens if I don’t have 10th Marksheet for passport?

If you have any such document that carry your DOB like Aadhar card, PAN card, DL, voter icard etc. it can get substituted as DoB certificate. Similarly, if you have any educational document higher than 10th mark sheet, that will go for ECNR passport.

Is bonafide certificate necessary for passport?

Bonafide Certificate For Passport

Students who are staying away from there home and want to apply for the passport require a bonafide certificate. The passport agency then requires the bonafide certificate as the proof of currently pursuing education and for other verification purposes.

How can I remove ECR from passport?

Step by Step Process to Delete ECR Stamp

If someone hasn’t removed the ECR(emigration check required) seal in passport while ECNR is enough that she/he must be questioned. Step 2: You have to mention the request of ‘Deletion of ECR(emigration check required) in passport’ in the form.

What documents are required for passport?

  • Original Bank Paid Fee Challan (receipt) of prescribed fee.
  • Original Valid CNIC/NICOP with a photocopy.
  • Previous Passport in original with its photocopy, (if issued).
  • NOC in case of a Government Servant.
  • Foreign Passport along with its photocopy, for Dual-Nationals only.

What is ECR passport?

ECR/ECNR. ECR stands for Emigration Check Required and ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required. ECR status will be printed in the passport of the applicants who fall in the ECR category. For those falling in the Non-ECR category, there will be no specific mention in the passport.

Can you fail a passport interview?

Unlikely that you will fail passport interview. It is not a test. They will ask you questions to confirm your identity and these questions will likely be things that only you will know.

What are the reason for passport rejection?

Missing Documents

The most common reason for a passport being denied is the failure to submit the necessary documents. An Indian passport is denied when the applicant is unable to prove his/her citizenship. So the most important documents you need to submit are the ones that prove your national identity.

How many times can apply for passport?

A: You can apply for a re-issue of passport up to 1 year before the expiry and not earlier. However, in case of any change of personal particulars, lost/damaged, Exhaustion of pages you may apply for re-issue of passport.

Is Mother name mandatory in passport?

Name of Only Parent or Legal Guardian

Then: Providing the names of both the parents was mandatory at the time of applying for the passport. Now: The online passport application form now requires the applicant to provide the name of the father or the mother or the legal guardian.

Is Last Name mandatory in passport?

As long as you have a Surname in your passport, you will not have MAJOR problems. If there is no surname in your passport, stop right here and get your name changes in your passport first before going forward with any application or study abroad process. Empty (or blank) Surname in Passport equals TROUBLE.

How will I know if my police verification is clear for passport?

You need to log into your PSK account and check the status. If the status displayed is ‘Police Verification is initiated, kindly contact your local police station’, then you need to get in touch with your local police station for further details.

Will I get a refund if my passport is denied?

Answer: The U.S. Department of State does not refund passport application and execution fees for applicants whose application for a passport was denied. The only fee that may be refunded is the expedite passport fee and that is on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if police verification fails for passport?

If your application was rejected owing to a lack of police verification or inaccurate documents, you have three days to fix the error and reapply. You can write to the RPO or file a grievance if you disagree with the reason for rejection or if the reasons are unclear.

Can a passport be denied?

The principal law enforcement reasons for passport denial are a valid unsealed federal warrant of arrest, a federal or state criminal court order, a condition of parole or probation forbidding departure from the United States (or the jurisdiction of the court), or a request for extradition.

How many days passport will come?

When a normal application is filed, the passport is issued to the applicant within 30-45 days while if the application is made under the Tatkaal mode, the passport is issued within 7-14 days.

How do you I renew my passport?

  1. Personal appearance of applicant.
  2. Duly accomplished ePassport application form (click here)
  3. Original passport.
  4. Photocopy of the passport (inside front cover and inside back cover)
  5. Applicant is advised to be in proper decent attire (with collar)
  6. Fee for ePassport is QR240.00.

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