How to Make a Sentence

  1. He obliged and she started to sing Happy Birthday.
  2. Aren’t you going to sing this one to me?
  3. He asked her to sing them often.
  4. I like to sing songs that I believe in.
  5. He should have known she could sing by her full, rich speaking voice.

Will sing example sentence?

“Now, I will sing for you”. When I’m walking to work I will sing along. I will sing “Sister Morphine” at the very end. But I think I will sing again, yeah”.

What are examples of sings?

  • He sings very differently now.
  • He sings to the music.
  • The organ sings solemnly.
  • Who sings in grief procures relief.
  • He sings and whistles in the empty room.
  • The song she sings inspires no regret.
  • The abbot must eat that sings for his meat.
  • I know a lady who sings only at her sewing-machine.

When we use sing and sings?

Answer: As verbs the difference between sing and sings is that sing is to produce musical or harmonious sounds with one’s voice while sings is (sing). As nouns the difference between sing and sings is that sing is a gathering for the purpose of singing songs while sings is .

What tense will sing?

base V1past simple V2present participle -ing

Will sing past tense in a sentence?

In modern English the normal past tense form of “sing” is “sang.” It’s not “she sung the anthem” but “she sang the anthem.” “Sung” is the past participle, used only after a helping verb: “She has sung the anthem. Play ball!” BUY THE BOOK!

How do you use play in a sentence?

  1. I love to play with little sister.
  2. Want to play a game?
  3. Would you like to play a game?
  4. Sometimes Alex and Jonathan play soccer, and sometimes we all go for a ride in the buggy.

Will play use in a sentence?

I will play these numbers, 411″. He said, simply, “I will play”. I will play my part. Anyway, I will play my game.

How do you use walk in a sentence?

  1. My sister can walk and run.
  2. I hurt my ankle and I can’t walk on it.
  3. His brisk walk was stiff.
  4. I guess a walk in the cool evening isn’t worth the risk of being eaten up by beasts is it?
  5. Teacher and I went to walk in the yard, and I learned about how flowers and trees grow.
  6. You sure walk fast.

What is the make sentence of clapped?

Clapped sentence example. She clapped her hands again. Alice clapped her hands. I clapped my chubby hands for joy when I saw that the rose-bushes were covered with lovely buds.

How do you use jar in a sentence?

  1. She handed the jar to Rob and grinned.
  2. I may jar us loose.
  3. Even the sound of the door shutting did nothing to jar him.
  4. For this purpose a small Leyden jar is connected as usual.
  5. His response was a strike hard enough to jar her to the bone when she blocked it.
  6. Let one jar be initially FIG.

What is the sentence of clock?

He heard the clock ticking. She glanced at the clock on the wall behind him. It was eleven by the clock , but it seemed peculiarly dark out of doors. Her alarm clock woke her at dawn, reminding her it was time for her morning run.

What are 10 simple sentences?

  • Does he play tennis?
  • The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.
  • Water freezes at 0°C.
  • I love my new pets.
  • They don’t go to school tomorrow.
  • We drink coffee every morning.
  • 7.My Dad never works on the weekends.
  • Cats hate water.

What are the 5 sentences?

  • Declarative sentence.
  • Imperative sentence.
  • Interrogative sentence.
  • Exclamatory sentence.

What is 10 examples of sentences?

  • Mary enjoys cooking.
  • She likes bananas.
  • They speak English at work.
  • The train does not leave at 12 AM.
  • I have no money at the moment.
  • Do they talk a lot ?
  • Does she drink coffee?
  • You run to the party.

What is a sentence for Class 2?

A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense. A sentence always begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

What is example of simple sentence?

A simple sentence could have a compound subject (i.e., a subject with two or more simple subjects). For example: Jack likes walking. (This is a simple sentence with one simple subject (“Jack”).)

How can I write a good sentence in English?

  1. Keep it simple. Long sentences or overly complex sentences don’t necessarily make sophisticated sentence writing.
  2. Use concrete rhetoric.
  3. Employ parallelism.
  4. Mind your grammar.
  5. Properly punctuate.
  6. Practice writing.

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