How to Make Gardening Tools at Home?


How do you take care of a garden fork?


Unscrew the nut that holds them together and wash all parts separately in soapy water. Soak in vinegar and water and scrub with steel wool to remove any rust; rinse and dry. Soak in bleach and water to sanitize; rinse and dry.

How do you use a garden hand rake?


What is a garden cleaner?

Here is what to expect from your garden clean up in London

Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble. Trimming and cutting back hedges. Pruning or complete removal of bushes, trees, and ivy. Lawn mowing. Tidy up of flower beds.

How can we protect plants?

  1. Bring Plants Inside. If you can, bring that warm-weather plant inside for the winter.
  2. Apply Mulch. When heat and moisture escape from soil during the winter months, plants suffer.
  3. Cover Plants.
  4. Construct a Cold Frame or Greenhouse.
  5. Water Plants.
  6. Install a Heat Source.

How do I clean my small garden?

  1. Prune shrubs.
  2. Remove winter mulch.
  3. Brush back leaves on top of plants.
  4. Pull any dead annuals.
  5. Remove dead growth from perennials.
  6. Clean up your vegetable beds.
  7. Pull the weeds.
  8. Edge your garden beds.

How do I clean my garden fast?

Scrub off dirt and moss using a hard-bristled brush or a pressure washer. Wipe down furniture with a dry cloth to remove any cobwebs and loose dirt. Next, use a wet cloth (or scrubber on more stubborn marks) and a multipurpose cleaning solution to clean all the surfaces thoroughly.

How do I get rid of dead plants in my garden?

Gardening Tips : How to Remove Dead Shrubs

How do I clean my vegetable garden?

  1. Get your soil tested. If you haven’t had your soil tested in the last three years, this is a great first step.
  2. Remove healthy plant material and add it to your compost pile.
  3. Add mulch or compost to your soil.
  4. Consider planting a cover crop.

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