How to Ship Painting on Canvas?

  1. Cover your entire canvas with packing paper, taping it so that no part of the canvas is exposed.
  2. Wrap the whole canvas in a couple layers of bubble wrap and tape it so that it stays in place.
  3. If you have any more room, tape on another layer of foam sheets for additional protection.

How much does a 16×20 canvas weight?

SizesMetal Prints1½” Canvas Wraps
16×16″ (square)< 2lb
16×18″< 4lb
16×20″< 2lb< 5lb
16×22″< 5lb

How do you ship an unframed oil painting?

  1. Take two pieces of cardboard or foam board and cut it down to the inside dimensions of your box.
  2. Place your artwork inside a sturdy plastic bag to protect against moisture.
  3. Wrap artwork in at least one layer of bubble wrap, using packing tape to secure it.

Does rolling a painting damage it?

You must realize that the process of rolling has risks associated with it. The primary concern is the potential for damaging the painting when you take the canvas off its stretchers. It will also need to be restretched and that is another opportunity for damage.

How do you package a painting?

  1. Do Grab the Right Supplies.
  2. Don’t Package Your Canvas Just Anywhere.
  3. Do Wrap with Care.
  4. Don’t Pack Multiple Canvases Together.
  5. Do Label Your Boxes.
  6. Don’t Lay Other Items on Your Canvas Boxes.
  7. Do Hire Professional Movers.

How do I mail an oil painting?

How to Package a Painting and Send It in the Mail

How do you ship an oil painting on a canvas?

Protect the frame edges and corners with special foam or cardboard protectors. Cover the front and back of the painting with sheets of cardboard and secure them with packing tape. Wrap the entire piece in several layers of bubble wrap. Find a sturdy double- or triple-wall cardboard box and put the painting inside.

How do you ship small artwork?

How to Ship Small Paintings – Tips and Tricks

How can I ship my art prints flat?

HOW TO PACKAGE ART PRINTS + save money on shipping!

How much does an 8×10 canvas weigh?

size 8 x 10” canvas. Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.4 x 8 inches. Weight: 3.95 pounds.

How much does it cost to ship 6 oz USPS?

4 oz.$7.37$3.37
5 oz.$7.37$3.76
6 oz.$7.37$3.76
7 oz.$7.37$3.76

How do you wrap acrylic paint for shipping?

When packing acrylic paintings to ship, store or move, you should wrap acrylic first with wax paper or glass line paper, so it does not ruin the painting by sticking to it. Also, make sure that the picture is absolutely waterproof before covering it.

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