Is a chawan necessary?

Though Matcha Chawan is not completely necessary, it is best to use a bowl with a similar shape and size. To lather Matcha well, you should move the Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) quickly like writing the letter “W” in a Matcha Bowl.

What can I use instead of chawan?

You will want a soup bowl that would be a similar shape to a chawan because you’ll need room for whisking to get a decent froth and not damage the prongs on your whisk. You can also use a mug, preferably a wide mouth one to whisk in.

Can you make matcha without a bamboo whisk?

Shake with a mason jar, shaker, or bottle – Using a mason jar, shaker, or bottle is the most common way to make matcha when you don’t have a whisk. All you need is the container, matcha, water or milk, and some muscle. Place all the things in the bottle or jar, seal the lid tightly.

Can you use regular whisk for matcha?

If you have a small enough whisk, you can use a regular bowl and whisk the same way you would with a bamboo whisk. So add 1/2 tsp of matcha to 60 ml of hot water (175 degrees) and whisk in an M or W shape for the best results.

Can you make matcha with a metal whisk?

The traditional bamboo whisk (also called chasen) is essential for this method of making matcha. You can use an electric latte aerator (here’s a video of Eric Gower using one on a hike) but it’s a much different aesthetic experience. A metal whisk is not recommended.

How do you care for a chasen?

  1. Do not store it in its original plastic container.
  2. Should mold occur, place your chasen in boiling water.
  3. In everyday use, do not wash your chasen with soap.
  4. Pat your chasen dry.

Do you drink out of chawan?

Turn the chawan to avoid drinking from the front. Not drinking from the ‘best’ side of the chawan is an expression of modesty and respect. Drink the tea to the last sip. With your thumb and index finger, wipe the rim where your lips touched the chawan.

What should you not do when you are having tea with your Japanese friends?

  1. Don’t sit in a seiza style because you will tire quickly.
  2. Don’t wash your hands in the tea room unless it is really necessary.
  3. Don’t ask fake questions which do not relate to the tea ceremony.

What is a Matcha bowl called in Japanese?

Chawan: The chawan, translated as tea bowl, is the ceramic vessel in which Matcha is prepared. The chawan originally hails from China and has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies since the 13th century. There are a number of different types, colors and shapes of chawan, depending on the ceremony and type of tea.

How were Japanese tea bowls made?

Raku ware is particularly prized in the tea community. Most often in the form of tea bowls, these lightweight glazed earthenwares were molded by hand rather than thrown on a potter’s wheel (17.118. 74). This difficult technique requires a high level of skill in order to produce bowls with thin walls of even thickness.

How do you make chawan pottery?

Kurinuki Chawan: How to carve a Japanese pottery tea bowl

How do you hold a tea bowl?

How To Hold A Tea Cup Properly

What part of the tea bowl is called Kodai in Japanese?

Kodai: The foot. Koshi: The hip.

How do you make tea bowls?

How a Tea Bowl is Made

How many prongs should a matcha whisk have?

A whisk with 60 prongs or less is only suited for making the thicker style of matcha tea known as Koicha, while a whisk with 100 prongs is only suitable for the regular thin style matcha tea known as Usucha. A whisk with 80 prongs is capable for preparing both styles with exceptional results.

How do you froth matcha tea?

  1. Place one teaspoon of matcha into a small bowl and use whisk to gently break up clumps.
  2. Slowly pour cup of not-quite-boiling water into the center of the bowl.
  3. Whisk briskly in an up-and-down motion (like writing the letters M and W) until the tea is bright green and frothy, 15-20 seconds.


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