Is a snaffle or curb bit better?

While a lot depends on the rider and how the horse bit is being used, curb bits are generally considered to be more “severe” than snaffle bits because they apply more rein pressure. For this reason, snaffle bits are more commonly used than curb bits.

When should I switch to curb bit?

Most western horses I work with transition from snaffle to curb at three or four years of age, coinciding with when they’re ready to show in pattern classes like horsemanship or trail in which they’ll need more of a ‘handle’ for intricate steering and advanced manoeuvres.

Can you ride one handed with a snaffle bit?

While the snaffle bit is not designed for one handed riding, I still think it is important to be able to do everything you can do with a shank bit in the snaffle first.

How do you ride with a curb bit?

LTR Training Tip #89: Intro To Curb Bits – YouTube

What bit to use after snaffle?

Perfect for younger or light-mouthed horses and is a good transition from a snaffle. Dr. Tom Mouthpiece: A Bristol type bit, with a three piece mouth that gives wraparound pressure on the bars and spreads pressure across the tongue. A nice transition bit from a snaffle to a shank.

Can you neck rein with a snaffle bit?

With a snaffle, you can apply lateral (side) and vertical pressure without causing your gelding any pain or discomfort. Some people do switch to a shanked bit once their horses are trained to neck rein, but I’ve found a smooth snaffle bit can offer great control for the horse’s entire life.

Are snaffle bits harsh?

A snaffle is sometimes mistakenly thought of as “any mild bit”. While direct pressure without leverage is milder than pressure with leverage, nonetheless, certain types of snaffle bits can be extremely harsh when manufactured with wire, twisted metal or other “sharp” elements.

How do I choose a bit for my horse?

Measure between the two points on the string. The measurement will be the size bit you need. The bit on either side of the mouth should stick no further than 1/2 inch out of the horse’s mouth. That would mean that the bit is too big.

How do you know what bit your horse needs?

Choosing the right bit width – The simplest way to select the right bit for your horse is to measure the width of the horses mouth (from lip to lip on your horse), and adding ¼” to get the proper measurement for your bit.” A bit should fit comfortably across the mouth with a small space on either side.

What is the mildest curb bit?

The mildest curb chain is made of flexible leather and is at least 1cm broad. If used, it should lie flat. The tightness of the curb chain should be tested by putting the bridle on the horse and gently pulling the reins.

What is the most gentle bit for a horse?

  • O-Ring or Loose Ring – the mildest.
  • D-Ring & Eggbutt – adds slightly to severity.
  • Full Cheek – adds cheek pressure & prevents bit from pulling through mouth.

Do I need a curb strap with a snaffle bit?

Skip the curb strap. – These aren’t curb bits, so they don’t require a curb strap, and certainly not a curb chain. The only reason to use a curb strap on a snaffle is if you tend to pull one of the snaffle’s rings through your horse’s mouth.

What is a gentlest bit?

A French link snaffle has two joints connected via a “lozenge” in the center of the mouthpiece. Considered one of the mildest snaffle bits.

What is stronger than a snaffle bit?

The Bevel provides more brake-power so is ideal for those horse’s needing something slightly stronger than a snaffle. This is a great bit for a novice horse at a competition! A great Bevel bit to choose is the Shires Bevel Bit with Jointed Mouth RRP £14.99.

What is the best bit?

Best OverallCopper Eggbutt Snaffle Horse BitCheck Price
Best for BeginnersStubben Loose Ring Snaffle Horse BitCheck Price
Best for Barrel RacingJP Korsteel Loose Ring Snaffle BitCheck Price
Best for TrainingWeaver Leather Twisted Wire SnaffleCheck Price

What is a curb bit used for?

The curb bit is a leverage bit, which works by amplifying the amount of pressure applied by the rider; 5 pounds of pressure might feel like 10, 15, or 20 pounds to the horse. This allows the rider to rate speed and encourage collection with only minimal hand movement.


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