Is Choreomania real?

Six-hundred and forty two years ago today, citizens in the German city of Aachen started to pour out of their houses and into the streets where they began to writhe and whirl uncontrollably. This was the first major outbreak of dancing plague or choreomania and it would spread across Europe in the next several years.

What caused Choreomania?

Contemporary explanations for the dancing plague included demonic possession and overheated blood. Investigators in the 20th century suggested that the afflicted might have consumed bread made from rye flour contaminated with the fungal disease ergot, which is known to produce convulsions.

What causes night dancing?

It is linked to restless leg syndrome and occurs often in people with anemia or an iron deficiency (I have both due to a blood disorder I had in teenage years.) There are also a host of other factors that can cause it, including stress, exercise, diet, and more.

Is St. Vitus dance real?

Sydenham chorea, also called St. Vitus Dance, chorea minor, infectious chorea, or rheumatic chorea, a neurological disorder characterized by irregular and involuntary movements of muscle groups in various parts of the body that follow streptococcal infection.

How common is St. Vitus dance?

It is reported to occur in 20–30% of people with acute rheumatic fever and is one of the major criteria for it, although it sometimes occurs in isolation. The disease occurs typically a few weeks, but up to 6 months, after the acute infection, which may have been a simple sore throat (pharyngitis).

What is St. Vitus known for?

St. Vitus is widely venerated as the patron saint of epilepsy. He is also the patron saint of dancers, actors, comedians, oversleeping, boilermakers, Sydenham’s chorea (Saint Vitus’ Dance), and several cities including Prague and Rijeka.

Is St. Vitus dance the same as Huntington’s disease?

HD History – His description was based on observations of HD-affected families from the village of East Hampton, Long Island, New York (USA), where Dr Huntington lived and worked. HD was known as Huntington’s chorea and Saint Vitus’s dance in the past.

Why is St. Vitus a saint?

VITUS, the son of a pagan Sicilian senator, was converted to Christianity by his nurse and later martyred. He became the patron saint of nervous disorders for casting an evil spirit out of the son of the Emperor Diocletian.

What is St. Vitus Day?

“Saint Vitus Day”) is a Serbian national and religious holiday, a slava (feast day) celebrated on 28 June (Gregorian calendar), or 15 June according to the Julian calendar.


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