Is Crave a good book?

I think we’ve well and truly established the fact that I am still trash for vampire fiction. But, and to my exasperation, Crave is not a very good book. There is nothing original or ground breaking in its flimsy plot, it’s isolated boarding school setting or trope-riddled characters.

Is the Crave series worth reading?

Crave is one of those trashy YA novels, you read it because its so trashy its entertaining. It does have a bit of educational value with how life is like living in Alaska but there’s not much else good to say about it.

Is Crave an Lgbtq book?

This book is also similar to Twilight in the fact that it lacks some diversity. We get LGBTQ and POC characters, but they’re off-page and not important to the story. Which is a big no for me. A great opportunity was missed there to be better.

Is Crave a Wattpad story?

Crave Stories – Wattpad. A story about two teenagers, both unknown of each others feelings.

Is Crave a fanfic?

As far as this book goes, it is very juvenile and is written like a fanfic. At some point I was reading it just because I wanted to see just how far it would go with it’s annoyances. There isn’t any tension. There are way too many pop culture references that takes me out of the book.

Is Crave a good book series?

Young Adult Vampire Romance – The Crave series is best enjoyed in order: Crave (book 1), Crush (book 2), Covet (book 3), and Court (book 4). Available November 8, 2022: Charm, the missing four months of time between Crave and Crush, can be enjoyed anytime after reading Crave. Available May 30, 2023: Cherish.

Is there romance in Crave?

It has so many things we love: action, magic, romance, banter, hot guys, BANTER, and a last twist that will leave you thinking about it for days. Nothing at Katmere Academy is what you’d expect, and uncovering each twist and turn makes for a fantastic journey. We can’t recommend the Crave series enough!

Is Crave like legacies?

It is also considered a spin off of The Originals which I have not seen, but still really enjoy Legacies. Its that young teen drama you crave with all those great paranormal elements from your favorite guilty pleasures!

Are there vampires in Crave?

There’s not much to be afraid of when you’ve already lost everything that matters. When Grace’s parents die her whole life changes. She swaps sunny San Diego for frozen Alaska and boarding school. But the Academy is nothing like Grace expected because it’s full of witches, werewolves, vampires and dragons.


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