Is Creality a trusted website?

I would advise never ordering from them. They run fake sales that seem limited but don’t actually lower the price. Hi all, just my experience to add to the mix. I ordered from creality3d.

Is the Ender 3 still a good printer?

However, the great support and solid output quality of this printer also make it easy-to-use. Whether you’re interested in buying your very first 3D printer or you’re looking to set up a fleet for manufacturing, the Creality Ender 3 Pro is one of the best 3D printers you can buy.

Can the CR-10 print metal?

Min. Layer Thickness:0.1 mm (in some cases 0.05 mm)
Nozzle Diameters:0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm
Printing Speed:≤200 mm/s
Compatible filaments:PLA, TPU, Wood, Copper, Rubber
Standard Print Size:300 x 300 x 400 mm

How long does Creality take to deliver?

You will receive your printer in 3-9 business days from the date that it is shipped. You will receive your parts in 10-20 business days from the date that it is shipped.

Does Creality deliver to India?

ROBU.IN is an official distributor of Creality 3D Printers in India. Check out our 3D Printers now! You can use our affordable online 3D printing service to print 3D models and get them delivered to your doorstep in as little as two days.


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