Is CWD a good saddle brand?

CWD saddles are very popular at the top-rated hunter/jumper and eventing competitions. One source cited 11% of the top 100 riders globally use CWD saddles. These saddles are reliable, popular, and comfortable.

Where are CWD saddles made?

The Delgrange brand trains its own master saddlers and still makes all their saddles in their own workshops in France.

How do you fit a CWD saddle?

The Saddle Fitter (Lisa Duke of CWD describes fitting the horse correctly)

How do you read a CWD saddle number?

In all saddles there is a 2 digit number either preceding or following a longer series of digits. This is the last 2 numbers in the year of manufacture and saddle number. For example, in a CWD the serial number starts with the year while in Voltaire it ends with the year.

Does CWD own devoucoux?

It also has operations in Europe and North America. The LIM Group was created in 2013 through the merger of CWD and Devoucoux, two brands within the Butet group. The LIM group now designs, manufactures, and distributes the saddles from these three brands worldwide.

What is a French saddle?

The French Saddle Pony, also called the Poney Français de Selle, is a pony breed developed as a sport pony for children and smaller adult riders. It was initially developed in 1969 as the Poney de Croisement (Cross-bred Pony), and in 1972 a stud book was created.

Where are Voltaire saddles made?

Recognizable by our blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customizable. Created in 2010 in the idyllic French town of Espelette, the brand opted to launch first in the United States.

Are CWD saddles handmade?

Our products are hand-made with passion and attention to detail. Trained in the very heart of our workshops, our saddle makers are taught by more experienced colleagues to perfect the six main areas of artisan saddle making: cutting, preparing, assembling, mounting, machine stitching and hand stitching.

What does the SE mean for CWD saddles?

Decoding Examples. ‍CWD: SE 0217 TR 2C PL 08 4223. SE02 = saddle model. 17 = size of the seat (sometimes run small) TR = seat depth.

What are the best close contact saddles?

  1. Royal Highness Merida Close Contact Saddle ($1,095.00)
  2. Wintec 500 Close Contact Saddle ($775.00)
  3. Bates Caprilli Close Contact Classic Saddle ($1,995.00)
  4. HDR Memor-X Close Contact Saddle ($1,145.95)
  5. Black Country Quantum Jumping Saddle ($4,085.00)

Did CWD buy butet?

After CWD’s red, Devoucoux’s green and Morand’s orange, it is the turn of Butet’s saffron and chocolate to become a part of LIM Group, Leather in Motion.

How long is a CWD 2C flap?

Flap 2C measures 14″ from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap. Flap width measures 14.5″ across at its widest point. Front and back blocks. Tree measures slightly over 4″ from dot-to-dot under the pommel.

Where are Pessoa saddles made?

He built this saddle for his son, Rodrigo, in his early years and it remains today the ideal saddle for the young rider serious about his or her sport. Features hand finished cowhide, triangle knee rolls, Bayflex panels, and X-Change Interchangeable Gullet System. Made in Argentina.

Are CWD saddles French?

CWD is a premium French brand founded in 1998, manufacturing saddles and other leather riding inventory.

What do saddle measurements mean?

Seat size simply measures the distance from the base of the horn to the top middle of the cantle. This distance is then expressed as a size in half-inch increments from 12 inches to 17 inches.


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