Is fluid painting easy?

Not only is fluid art simple to do, but it is amazingly fun. Fluid art uses an acrylic paint that is more liquid than traditional acrylics. Fluid art paint is easy to make using acrylic paints, acrylic medium, and water.

Is fluid art hard?

Getting started with acrylic pouring isn’t particularly difficult, making it a great art form for all skill levels. With so many techniques to try, you can get as simple or complicated as you’d like.

Is fluid art really art?

Is pour painting really art? Yes, acrylic pour painting is definitely art. This artistic medium is embraced by professionals, journeymen, and aspiring artists alike. You can see the love that people have for acrylic pouring every time you show someone your pieces or when you have them join you in their creation.

Where can I sell my acrylic pour painting?

You can sell in a gallery, at an art fair, online shops like Etsy or Society6, open studios, at coffee shops and the list goes on.

How do you get cells when pouring paint?

How to get lots of big cells! You will get lots of big cells by adding both floetrol and silicone oil to your acrylic paint mix. When you pour this mixture onto a surface the cells will very quickly reveal themselves.

Do you need to use water for acrylic paint?

For acrylic the solvent is water. Acrylic without water (just pigment and polymer binder only) will produce a paint film layer that looks juicy, glossy and substantial when applied over any surface. The surface could be absorbent or non-absorbent, colored or white.

What is free flow painting?

Atelier Free Flow utilizes the latest advances in pigment and polymer technology, making Atelier Free Flow the most fluid and vivid artists’ acrylic in the world. It can be used as a stand alone acrylic paint or incorporated with a heavy bodied acrylic such as Atelier Interactive.

How do I start pouring paint?

Getting Started With Acrylic Pouring

What do we need for acrylic pouring?

What Do You Need to Start Acrylic Pouring?

What is fluid art called?

Fluid Art, which is also known as flow art, liquid art or acrylic paint pouring, is a fun and popular abstract painting technique that involves the use of fluid art mediums, such as free flowing acrylic, or very runny acrylics, powdered pigments or inks.


A Simple Puddle Pour – Easy Fluid Painting Technique


Easy Fluid Painting Tutorial – Acrylic Pouring

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