Is Fosse a jazz dance style?

Fosse’s unique jazz dance style was stylish, sexy, and easily recognized. After growing up in cabaret nightclubs, the nature of Fosse’s signature style was sexually suggestive. Three of his dance trademarks included turned-in knees, sideways shuffling, and rolled shoulders.

Is Bob Fosse a jazz dancer?

American dancer, choreographer for the musical stage and screen, writer, and director Bob Fosse (b. Chicago, IL, 23 June 1927; d. Washington, DC, 23 September 1987) was perhaps the most influential figure in the field of jazz dance in the twentieth century.

What made Bob Fosse unique?

Nothing was impossible for Fosse. His humble beginnings and own bodily imperfections made his style unique and beautiful. As a pigeoned toed kid from Chicago he took opportunities and produced iconic choreography.

Is Fosse a genre of dance?

Bob Fosse was a dancer and choreographer who, with his distinct style, reshaped the aesthetics of modern musical theater. When you see a Fosse dance move, you know it’s a Fosse move. Think curved shoulders, turned-in knees, bowler hats, punctuated hand movements, finger snaps, sideways shuffling — and, yes, jazz hands.

What is the name of jazz dance?

Jazz dance may allude to vernacular jazz about to Broadway or dramatic jazz. The two types expand on African American vernacular styles of dance that arose with jazz music. Vernacular jazz dance incorporates ragtime moves, Charleston, Lindy hop and mambo.


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