Is garba a type of dance?

Garba is a form of dance, as well as a religious and social event that originates in Gujarat, India. Garba is a community circle dance from the northwestern Indian state of Gujarat. The word “garba” is also used to refer to the event at which the garba is performed.

Who started Garba dance?

People performing garba (dance) in Vadodara during Navratri festival.
Instrument(s)Singing and Sitar as well as Dhol
OriginGujarat, India

How did garba get its name?

The word “garba” comes from the Sanskrit word garbha, meaning “womb.” Traditionally, the dance is performed by women in a circle around a clay lantern with a light inside, called a garbha deep (“womb lamp”).

Why do we celebrate garba?

Garba dances celebrate fertility, honour womanhood, and pay respect to any of an array of mother goddesses. In Gujarat the dances customarily mark a girl’s first menstrual cycle and, later, her imminent marriage.

How many steps are there in garba?

Dodhiyu garba style is a form which includes total six steps. It is usually performed in small groups because the coordination among all the players is extremely important. The khelaiyaas perform some steps in the front and then return back with different steps.

How do you play garba?

Garba Steps For Beginners | Navaratri Garba Dance Songs – YouTube

What are the types of garba?

A garba event consists of several segments and Gujarati folk dance forms, including be taali garba (2-clap garba), tran taali garba (3-clap garba), raas, hinch, and more. The two primary forms are garba (both be taali and tran taali) as well as raas.


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