Is hula a dance genre?

Hula (/ˈhuːlə/) is a Polynesian dance form accompanied by chant (Oli) or song (Mele, which is a cognate of “meke” from the Fijian language). It was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who originally settled there.

Is hula and ethnic folk or social dance?

The hula is more than an ethnic dance; it is the soul of Hawaii expressed in motion. It began as a form of worship during religious ceremonies and was danced only by highly trained men. It gradually evolved into a form of entertainment, but in no regard was it sexual. It was history portrayed in the performing arts.

Why is hula dancing important to Hawaiian culture?

Hula is an important tradition of communication. Hula is an important Hawaiian tradition. The Olis, or chants, and dance moves are used to tell stories and were first used as ways to communicate with the gods.

Is hula Folk a music?

Hawaiian folk music includes several varieties of chanting (mele) and music meant for highly-ritualized dance (hula).

Is Hawaiian music a genre?

In Hawaii, ethnic Hawaiians and others in the state began playing a mixture of reggae and local music in the early 1980s, although it was not until the late 1980s that it became recognized as a new genre in local music.

What is traditional Hawaiian music called?

Chants, called mele, recorded thousands of years of ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian history. Chants also recorded the daily life of the Hawaiian people, their love of the land, humor or tragedy, and the heroic character of their leaders. A mele chant is a poetic form of song that tells a story.

What is the meaning of hula dancing?

: a sinuous Polynesian dance characterized by rhythmic movement of the hips and mimetic gestures with the hands and often accompanied by chants and rhythmic drumming.

What is the origin of hula?

Originally, the Hula dance was developed as part of the religious traditions of the Pacific Islands, and is in some ways historically linked to Asian dancing. The full name of the traditional form was Hula Kahiko and it was used to honor and entertain the chiefs, especially when they traveled from place to place.

How do you do the hula dance?

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