Is it dancefloor or dance floor?

singulardance floor
pluraldance floors

What are dance floors called?

Marley” is a generic term for a performance vinyl dance flooring surface that dancers practice, rehearse, and perform on.

What is a dance studio floor made of?

There are two types of flooring to consider – wood or vinyl – and variations of both. Regardless of the dance styles you teach at your studio, there is going to be an option just right for you. Marley is a specialty vinyl designed specifically for dance.

What is Marley tape?

Vinyl film tape – also known as Marley tape or dance floor tape – is an economical vinyl tape that has been coated with low-residue adhesive for clean removal. This type of tape is typically extremely conformable, durable and highly resistant to oil, acid, alkalines and corrosive chemicals.

What is ballet floor called?

What Is a Marley Dance Floor? In the dance industry, the term “marley” describes just about any roll-out vinyl floor used as a dance floor.

What floor is best for pointe shoes?

The low-down: This hardwearing, slip-resistant, foam-backed floor is a true ballet floor—perfect for pointe shoes. Suitable for both studio and stage use.


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