Is Jim Henson’s The Labyrinth based on a book?

Labyrinth has been produced by Eric Rattray; the executive supervising producer is David Lazer, illustrator Brian Froud is the conceptual designer, and the screenplay by Terry Jones is based on a story by Jim Henson and Dennis Lee.

Is Labyrinth based off a book?

AuthorKate Mosse
Publication date2005

What book is Sarah reading in Labyrinth?

The Labyrinth is the fictional play Sarah is seen reading at the start of Labyrinth. Sarah recites lines from the play both at the start and end of the film, and her victory hinges on her ability to correctly remember the play’s climactic speech.

Is Labyrinth a fairy tale?

Jim Henson, most widely associated with his famous Muppets, created the puppets for and directed the cult fantasy Labyrinth. Following in the footsteps of classic fairy tales, Labyrinth features magic and mysticism, the struggle between good and evil, and mythological creatures.

Is Jim Henson’s Labyrinth a book?

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization | Book by A.C.H. Smith, Jim Henson, Brian Froud | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.

Is The Dark Crystal a book?

The novel series consists of four books: Shadows of the Dark Crystal, released on June 28, 2016; Song of the Dark Crystal, released July 18, 2017; Tides of the Dark Crystal, released December 24, 2018; and Flames of the Dark Crystal, released on August 27, 2019.

Is Labyrinth a musical?

The beloved 1986 film Labyrinth is getting the theatrical treatment. Brian Henson, chairman of the Jim Henson Company and son of the movie’s late director, Jim Henson, revealed the in-the-works musical to Forbes in an interview about the flick’s upcoming re-release in cinemas.

Is Labyrinth based on anything?

According to imdb, and Is Labyrinth Based on a Novel, the story for the movie is completely original. The book she refers to isn’t a real book, although I wish it were. The above link has great detailed information on the authors and misconceptions people have about the movie being based on a prior story. Author A.C.H.

Is Labyrinth and Pan’s Labyrinth the same story?

Pan’s Labyrinth and Labyrinth with David Bowie are basically the same movie. They’re both fantasies about a young girl who enters a labyrinth and encounters a powerful magical being, meets many different creatures and eventually saves her infant half-brother.

Is Pan’s Labyrinth a remake of Labyrinth?

Labyrinth Writer Says the Film is a ‘Continuation’, Not a Remake.

Is the labyrinth real?

While this legend is a fascinating story, there is little evidence to suggest that such a labyrinth ever existed on the island of Crete. Whether imaginary or real, the labyrinth in the Hellenic world was a negative symbol, associated with fear and an overwhelming sense of evil.

How old was David Bowie in Labyrinth?

Bowie’s sexuality, which was always rather fluid, was somewhat jarringly on display, considering that Labyrinth was marketed toward children and co-starred an actual teenager (Bowie was 39 when the movie came out; Connelly was 16).

Is Pan’s Labyrinth based on Greek mythology?

The film draws inspiration from Greek mythology’s Saturn/Cronos, where the villain is a Cronos- like paternal character. The Cronos of Greco-Roman myth is given a prophecy in which one of his children will overthrow him, as he overthrew his own father.

What inspired the movie Labyrinth?

— Jim Henson on comparisons of Labyrinth to other works. Richard Corliss noted that the film appeared to have been influenced by The Wizard of Oz and the works of Maurice Sendak, writing that, “Labyrinth lures a modern Dorothy Gale out of the drab Kansas of real life into a land where the wild things are.”

Why is Labyrinth so good?

There are layers of meaning and ambiguity that make the movie more enjoyable as you watch it over and over. One layer: As already mentioned, there’s the intense psychological drama of a teenager being a self-absorbed overly dramatic twit, then dealing with the very real, terrifying consequences of her selfishness.

How much glitter did they use in the labyrinth?

It’s difficult to identify a single shot entirely absent of glitter in either film, since it’s everywhere. In Jupiter Ascending, more than 1.3 million Swarovski crystals were used to make the costumes shimmer. In Labyrinth, meanwhile, 77 pounds of pearl glitter were used to make the walls of the ballroom sparkle.


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