Is jitterbug the same as swing?

History: Jitterbug, also known as Single Swing or Swing Time Swing, was popularized in 1930s by Cab Calloway and his song “Call of the Jitter Bug.” Very similar to the Lindy Hop, though not quite as acrobatic.

Why is swing termed as jitterbug?

The tern jitterbug is used to refer to different swing dances, such as the jive and the lindy hop. It comes from slang used in the early twentieth century to describe alcoholics. The term became associated with swing dancers because, like the jitters of alcoholics, they were seen to be out of control.

Is there a real jitterbug?

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Are Lindy Hop and jitterbug the same?

Lindy Hop was born in Harlem, New York but as it began to spread across North America, the same steps with a slightly different style might have been called Jitterbug, or just “Lindy” and on the West Coast many of the dancers were influenced by a dancer named Dean Collins and they named their own smoother style of

What is jitterbug slang for?

one who is younger than oneself. Also jit. You can’t go wit him/her she’s a jitterbug.


1950’s style “Jitterbug Swing” Dance Instruction, Double Time …

Jitterbug (East Coast Swing)

Jitterbug Single Time Swing Pulse, Tuck Turn, Elasticity

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