Is Kodachrome Basin State Park worth?

Kodachrome Basin State Park is easily reached if you’re visiting Bryce Canyon and is beautiful. There are lots of stunning vistas and great photo opportunities. Admission is 5 dollars. The colors here are lovely, but don’t get overly excited by the name; it’s very similar to other landscapes in the area.

How long to visit Kodachrome Basin State Park?

You can easily spend 2 hours visiting Kodachrome Basin State Park. Some of the roads you must take to reach the trailheads are dirt roads, but they are still passable, although they may become dangerous if it rains or snows.

How far is Kodachrome from Bryce?

Kodachrome Basin State Park is located about 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park.

What town is Kodachrome state park in?

Location. Located near the town of Cannonville, about 300 miles south of Salt Lake City. It is about 9 miles south of Highway 12.

What is the elevation of Kodachrome Basin State Park?

Positioned at 5,800 feet in elevation, Kodachrome Basin State Park is perhaps Utah’s finest state park and is just a few minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

What is the elevation of Bryce Canyon National Park?

To this day, people continue to call this area Bryce Canyon. What’s the elevation of the park? Park elevations reach 9,100 feet (2778 meters). People with heart or respiratory problems should be especially careful not to overexert themselves.

Where will you find a state park named after a film brand?

The photographers named the area “Kodachrome Flat”. The area was named after the release of photo film from the camera brand Kodak. Eventually, the area became popular as Kodachrome Basin State Park. The park features 67 chimneys that rise high in the sky.

Is there cell service in Kodachrome Basin State Park?

It is about a 45 minute drive to Bryce from Kodachrome. 4. There is no cell phone service. They have a wifi network, but they will refuse to give you the password for it, so no internet either.

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