Is Lacuna Coil a goth band?

What country is Lacuna Coil from?

Milan, Italy

When did Lacuna Coil come out?

Lacuna Coil
Also known asSleep of Right (1994–1995) Ethereal (1995–1997)
OriginMilan, Italy
GenresGothic metal alternative metal
Years active1994–present

When did lacuna coil form?

Formed in 1994, Lacuna Coil quickly became one of Century Media’s biggest selling bands. From Comalies (2002) and Karmacode (2004) to Shallow Life (2009) and Broken Crown Halo (2014), the high-flying Italian act demonstrated an uncanny ability to pull in rock, gothic, and metal audiences.

How many albums has Lacuna Coil sold worldwide?

Ozzfest Breakthrough Band – In July it would be revealed that not only had Comalies passed the 100,000 sales mark in the USA, but also LACUNA COIL had become Century Media’s top selling artist to date and, with over 250,000 sales Worldwide, the highest selling Italian Rock act.

Is Lacuna Coil good live?

Overall, this is a really good live album, especially for their latest album. If anyone misses the band and wants to hear their new album live, this is a good in-between for fans and helping layover the delay on live shows.

What happened Lacuna Coil?

‘ The next day, Lacuna Coil cancelled shows in Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Jakarta, causing a backlash from some fans who didn’t understand the severity of the infection rate. For the band, it was a horrible shock and a disorientating time as the situation worsened.

Who are the members of Lacuna Coil?



False Memories – “Our Truth” (Lacuna Coil cover) – YouTube

Enjoy the Silence – US Version (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – YouTube

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