Is Len from DWTS married?

What does Len Goodman do now?

The TV judge quit the show four years ago and now spends most of his time stateside where he is working on Strictly’s US counterpart, Dancing With The Stars.

Did Len Goodman retire from dancing with the stars?

Former Strictly judge announces they have quit dancing for good. Although he is still a judge on Dancing with the Stars, Len Goodman has revealed that he was retired from dancing for good since too many people want

Where is Len Goodman live?

Goodman currently runs his own successful dance school, the Goodman Dance Academy, which is one of the most successful and longest-running dance schools in Kent, England, where he resides.

Why is Len leaving Dancing with the Stars?

It was revealed last week that Goodman would not be returning to DWTS this season, as COVID-19 restrictions have prevented travel to the U.S. from where he’s currently stationed in the U.K. “I like going over [to the U.S.] because it’s 10 weeks of being in the sun and I only work one day a week,” Goodman, 76, told The

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