Is Michael Poulsen a baritone?

Though he is very obviously a baritone with a rather heavy voice, actual low singing is surprisingly rare from him – only a very select few Volbeat songs feature any second octave notes whatsoever, and even lower third octave notes are fairly uncommon.

What band does Volbeat sound like?

The elevator pitch for Volbeat is pretty simple: Metallica meets Elvis, titanic heavy metal riffs colliding head-on with rock’n’roll groove that would do Motorhead proud.

Who is Volbeat inspired by?

Volbeat is a multi-platinum Danish rock band whose sound weds hard rock, classic metal, glam, punk, and rockabilly. Inspired by legendary performing and recording artists including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, they also freely admit to admiring such bands as AC/DC, Social Distortion, and Metallica.

Is Volbeat death metal?

The group’s first two records — 1995’s View to the Dim and 1996’s The First 9 — were largely rooted in the classic death metal style and increasingly reliant on groove riffs, one of the hallmarks of the eventual Volbeat sound. Their last two records — 1997’s Vol.

Who is the lead singer for Shinedown?

Brent Smith

What tuning does Volbeat use?

Tuning: I used standard 440 tuning. Sound: I used LePou plugins to create the guitar tone. These are free amp emulators that are extremely recommend.

How do I sound like Volbeat?

Rig Rundown – Volbeat’s Rob Caggiano and Anders Kjølholm

How long is the ghost and Volbeat concert?

How long are Volbeat concerts? Most Volbeat concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the opening acts, encore, etc.


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