Is recursion worth reading?

So is this book worth the hype? Yes, I like to think so. It’s an action-packed novel with a scientific bend to it. The science isn’t too difficult to understand and fits into the definition of “recursion” very well.

Should I read Recursion?

Recursion is a fabulous, mind-bending thriller that explores the nature of memory and time-travel. Like all high-concept thrillers, when the final pages collapse all the possibilities to a single outcome, you might raise an eyebrow, but the journey through the book is so enjoyable, you won’t much care.

Is Recursion going to be a movie?

Recursion Is Set To Be Adapted Into A Movie And Multiple TV Series At Netflix. In 2018, Shonda Rhimes signed a deal with Netflix to produce original content. This deal includes multiple movies and TV series. Recursion is one of those projects.

How does Recursion end book?

However, when Barry finally gets his memories back, he manages to reach into a “dead” memory that’s strong enough from the original timeline that he can reach it. In the Epilogue, Barry has returned to November 4, 2018 in the original timeline. Barry goes to Slade’s house and shoots him.

Is Recursion a stand alone?

Recursion has become the first sci-fi standalone to be included in my favorite shelves. As many readers probably did, my first experience with reading Crouch’s work was for Dark Matter.

What happens in Dark Matter book?

Dark Matter is the story of Jason Dessen, an intensely devoted family man with a lackluster career. One day he’s abducted by a mysterious stranger, and every assumption he’d had about his life is yanked away. He finds himself in a disorienting world both similar and different from his “real” life.

What is simple Recursion?

Recursion is the process of defining a problem (or the solution to a problem) in terms of (a simpler version of) itself. For example, we can define the operation “find your way home” as: If you are at home, stop moving.

Should I read Dark Matter or Recursion first?

Both stories are about parallel universes/realities. ‘Recursion’ adds complexity by using ‘time’ as an additional dimension, so having read the first one, which is only using parallel universes, might be an easier starter.

Is Recursion a sequel to Dark Matter?

Tense, twisty, and complex, Recursion is not a sequel to Crouch’s previous novel, Dark Matter, but it explores similar themes, including the twin ideas of the fluidity of space and time and our inadequate understanding of both.

What genre is Blake Crouch?

Blake Crouch
GenreMystery Thriller Science fiction
Notable worksThe Wayward Pines Trilogy Dark Matter

Was the book Dark Matter made into a movie?

Dark Matter was previously in development as a movie at Sony with Roland Emmerich tapped to direct, but it appears the project has been moved over to Apple and is now intended to be an episodic TV series.

Is Dark Matter going to be a movie?

“Dark Matter,” a new nine-episode sci-fi series coming to Apple TV+, will star Joel Edgerton and is based on the blockbuster book by Blake Crouch. Apple TV+ today announced it has landed “Dark Matter,” a new nine-episode series based on the blockbuster book by Blake Crouch.

Is Blake Crouch a good author?

Imaginative, perfectly paced, and extremely clever… Another killer read from Blake. The incomparable Blake Crouch has, once again, completely blown my mind. Amazingly gripping and totally immersive… Brilliant (near-future) world-building and impeccable plot.

Is Wayward Pines a science fiction?

The Wayward Pines Trilogy (2012–2014) is a mystery/thriller/science fiction novel series by American author Blake Crouch. It follows U.S. Secret Service agent Ethan Burke as he unravels the mystery surrounding his unanticipated arrival in the small town of Wayward Pines, Idaho, following a devastating car accident.

What is Recursion about book?

Recursion follows a scientist, Dr. Helena Smith, who has pointed her powerful brain at the hope of using technology to help Alzheimer’s patients retain their memories, and Barry Sutton, a cop whose life is defined by memories of his daughter’s terrible death and the subsequent dissolution of his marriage.

How many pages is recursion?

Publisher:Random House Publishing Group
Publication date:03/10/2020
Edition description:Reprint

How many pages is recursion Blake Crouch?

Publisher‎Ballantine Books; First Edition first Printing (June 11, 2019)
Hardcover336 pages
Item Weight‎1.25 pounds


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