Is running horse painting good for home?

A running house Vastu signifies power and success. These qualities are aspired by a lot of people. Vastu recommends hanging 7 running horses painting in your house for good luck, success and power. Hanging seven horses painting as per Vastu is very auspicious for growth and good luck.

Is it good to put running horse painting?

Running horses are also considered for speed and growth in your life. Moreover, the number seven is considered auspicious. So, adding seven horses painting in the right direction of your home will help in boosting one’s efforts, resulting in positive outcomes and maintaining peace in your life, as per Vastu Shastra.

Which horse photo is good for home?

Although horses of all colors symbolise progress and positive energy, it is better to choose a statue or picture of white-colored horses for your home or office wall. A picture of running horses symbolises strength and energy, while the white color symbolises peace and purity.

Which colour horse painting is good for home?

The white color of the horses is a symbol of peace, growth, success, and prosperity. You should prefer white color horse painting for use in the home or business. Hanging the seven galloping horses painting in the wrong direction or at the wrong place can have a negative impact.

Which painting should be kept in living room?

RoomPainting sceneColours
Entrance, Living roomNature-inspiredRed, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green
BedroomPositive photos of family, flowers or birdsLight pink, Sky blue, Mint green, orange
KitchenInspirationalYellow, peach

Which horse statue is good for home?

Keeping the statue in south has a lot of advantages. While placing the horse statue, keep in mind that it faces any door or window. This helps in creating positive energy and vibes.

Should you keep running horse statues at home?

A photo or a statue of a running horse in the home or an office ensures vitality and is known to boost up positive energies in the home which are very much necessary for a financial stability and a rise in career.

Can we keep running horse pictures at home?

Vastu shastra recommends against placing a seven running horse painting in the bedroom. The same is true for a pooja room, study, bath and toilet. It is considered to be very inauspicious to place the seven-running horse Vastu painting in these rooms as they can bring bad luck and negative energy to the surrounding.

Is 9 running horse painting good for home?

It is also believed that Horse painting in your home leads to financial stability in your life. Running horse signifies success and power. According to Vastu, a horse represents endurance, speed and courage.

How many running horses are lucky?

Running horses also depict speed and growth in life. Further, the number seven is regarded as auspicious. So, adding seven horses painting in the right direction of your home will help boost one’s efforts, resulting in positive outcomes, as per Vastu Shastra.

Which color horse is lucky?

Things that will bring Horses luck: – Lucky colors: yellow and green.

Where do you put a running horse picture at home?

Running horses symbolise speed. The painting of the seven running horses should be hung on the wall of your house which is in the east. On hanging the painting on the wall which is in the east, you will experience that you will be quicker than anyone else at completing most tasks.

Are white horses good luck?

In some places it is lucky to meet a white horse; in others, unlucky; either way, tradition states that upon meeting a white horse one should spit and make a wish, or cross one’s fingers until a dog (usually a white dog) is seen. Inhaling a horses breath is a cure for whooping cough.


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