Is silk PLA the same as PLA?

For the most part, silk PLA prints just as regular PLA does, and you might be able to use your slicer’s normal PLA settings. However, the elastomers that make silk filament shiny also affect its physical properties slightly. It tends to be a little more flexible and stretchy, and this can affect how it prints.

What does silk PLA mean?

3D Printing with Silk PLA / Enotepad Rainbow and Black Silk Filament

What is silk PLA made of?

PLA filament with a silky and shiny surface finish that conceals defects and layers. PLA Silk Gloss is a PLA-based filament modified with another polymer to achieve the silky surface finish that defines this material.

What is the difference between PLA and Htpla?

HTPLA prints similar to standard PLA but is “Hella Tough” and can be “Heat Treated” for “Higher Temperature” resistance. This durable PLA has a theoretical Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of more than 140C (285F) after heat treating though in our experience 120C or more was practically attained.

What is filament silk floss?

Filament is the highest quality silk that is “reeled” as it comes from perfect cocoons in very long lengths. Filament thread is created by twisting the long strands of silk. The resulting thread is white and very shiny. This thread is softer and more likely to snag on everything.

Is silk a PLA?

Typically, “silk” filaments are enhanced PLA filaments, owing their glossy result to various additives. As such, they tend to show most of the same pros and cons of PLA filament. When silk filaments have a different base material, you can expect them to have different properties.

What is silk filament used for?

Silk filaments obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm (Bombyx mori) have been used for textile production since sericulture was originally developed in China many centuries ago.


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