Is Spiritbox a religious band?

They’re not a Christian band. They just have the word spirit in their name lol.

Who is Spiritbox signed to?

Rise Records

Is Spiritbox a metal?

Spiritbox are metal’s most hyped young band – and they’re just getting started. Courtney LaPlante didn’t feel like the real Courtney LaPlante until February 2020. It was Spiritbox’s first tour, in Europe, far from their home in Canada.

Who mixed Eternal Blue Spiritbox?

Eternal Blue
LabelPale Chord Rise
ProducerDan Braunstein Mike Stringer
Spiritbox chronology
Singles Collection (2019) Eternal Blue (2021) Rotoscope (2022)

Is Spiritbox a Djent?

While Spiritbox technically isn’t a djent band, the riffs and breakdowns of the subgenre pair well against the pop-like hooks. “Hurt You” immediately jolts you with the abrasive, industrial guitar tones.

What kind of genre is Iwrestledabearonce?

Black metal just got gay. Louisiana’s Iwrestledabearonce have shed the skin of the vicious fun-loving and colorfully psychotic extreme metal band and donned the rotting corpse make up and attire like every other black metal band.

Who is the screamer for Spiritbox?

Courtney LaPlante, currently of Spiritbox and formerly of Iwrestledabearonce, took a unique path on her way to learning how to scream. It’s a game of trial and error for everyone, but— really — how many screamers have tried taking a swig of hot sauce to warm up their voice? At least one

Where is Iwrestledabearonce from?

Shreveport, LA

Why did Iwrestledabearonce break up?

Courtney LaPlante Has Officially Replaced Krysta Cameron as Vocalist for IWRESTLEDABEARONCE. Courtney LaPlante is now set as the voice of IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, replacing Krysta Cameron who left the band following last summer’s Warped Tour after learning she was pregnant.

Is Spiritbox a metalcore?

Now, Courtney is a superstar-in-waiting – the face of post-metalcore trio Spiritbox, the most exciting band in heavy music, and on the cusp of releasing Eternal Blue, the most hyped debut album of recent years.

Is Courtney LaPlante from Alabama?

Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante moved around a lot in her childhood, but it still didn’t prepare her for where she’d end up. Her father was a university basketball coach, and bouncing from city to city was somewhat expected. Over the years, the family went from Maine to both Auburn and Jacksonville, Alabama.


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