Is square dancing easy?

Learning to square dance is an excellent way to get some exercise and learn a fun style of movement and socialize at the same time. It may not be the easiest form of dancing, but it is very entertaining to both perform and spectate.

How do you start square dancing?

Video Square Dance Lessons – Mainstream Lesson #1A

How much does a square dance caller cost?

Quality of Life for Square Dance Caller – With a take-home pay of roughly $2,994/month, and the median 2BR apartment rental price of $2,506/mo **, a Square Dance Caller would pay 83.69% of their monthly take-home salary towards rent.

What do you wear to a square dance?

Many in the predominantly older audience are wearing traditional square dance attire — ruffled blouses, short circle skirts, frothy petticoats and dance shoes or boots for the women, Western-style shirts, bolo ties and belt buckles distinguishing the men. Many more are dressed in everyday casual attire.

Is square dancing a social dance?

In North America, square dancing is regarded as a social dance, closely associated with the country’s southern and western regions. It is the official state dance of Colorado, Massachusetts, and over 20 other states.

How many calls are there in square dancing?

Mainstream: The beginning level of square dancing which consists of 68 calls. The following (more advanced) levels are Plus (32 additional calls), A-1 (advanced), A-2 (advanced), C-1 (challenge), C-2 (challenge) and C-3A (challenge).


Square Dance Demonstration

Easy Square Dance, Garland Smith, Caller

Square Dance for kids – instructional video

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